February 25, 2022

White House Spokesman: Putin and Trump Are ‘Pigs Who Hate What America Stands For’

A White House spokesman had harsh words for former President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, calling them “nauseating, fearful pigs who hate what America stands for.”

“Two nauseating, fearful pigs who hate what America stands for and whose every action is driven by their their own weakness and insecurity, rubbing their snouts together and celebrating as innocent people lose their lives,” Bates tweeted.

The pointed comments came after Trump doubled-down on his praise of Putin, calling the decision to invade Ukraine “pretty smart.”

“Trump said ‘Putin’s smart!’ I mean, he’s taking over a country for $2 worth of sanctions. I’d say that’s pretty smart,” Trump said at his Mar-a-Lago club in Florida.


White House spokesman calls Trump, Putin ‘pigs’ who ‘hate what America stands for’

9 comments on White House Spokesman: Putin and Trump Are ‘Pigs Who Hate What America Stands For’

  1. bob says:

    How much money is Biden and his son getting from Putin for Biden do nothing??????????????

  2. 'jake Clark says:

    who is calling whom a ‘pig’?

  3. Wise to it says:

    Quit taking words out of context. You people are notorious for that practice!

  4. Wumingren says:

    As usual, the Left didn’t recognize Trump’s sarcasm. Biden stands way in back and says he’ll levy $2 worth of sanctions on Putin, and Trump said to ignore Biden to take over another country is pretty smart, as in Biden’s sanctions aren’t going to hurt anybody. The Left missed the whole point!

    1. Guilo says:

      Ja….. dass ist meistens SO!

  5. Sue S says:

    Trump is a statesman. He knows flattery will get you a lot further than criticism which is why he complimented Putin’s intelligence. The left doesn’t seem to realize you can compliment someone without trusting them and it doesn’t mean you like everything about them. Notice Trump didn’t get us in any new wars and Putin didn’t invade anywhere when Trump was in charge.

  6. Philip Hammersley says:

    DIMM Marxists hate the TRUTH. Putiin IS savvy and smart. That DOESN”T mean that he is moral, nor did Trump say that. Putin is obviously playing Senile Joe and the Germans like a bad fiddle!

  7. Kathy says:

    The Left is everything they accuse the Right of being. They are Marxist pigs!????

  8. Jim says:

    That’s the problem with dimwits, they can’t recognize an insult if it were to kick them in the ass.
    I feel sorry for them knobs that cannot get over their hate of President Trump. Take note Putin did not invade while President Trump was running this country. He waited to see how dimwitted Brandon was and has now taken advantage of his stupidity.
    I must agree Putin is pretty smart for an Ignorant SOB dog.

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