January 27, 2022

WATCH: Trump Declares Himself the ’47th President’

Former President Donald Trump declared himself the “45th and 47th” president in a new video — furthering speculation that he plans to run for president in 2024.

Trump’s quip came during an outing at his Trump National golf course in Florida in a video widely shared on social media after it surfaced on Wednesday.

As Trump set up his shot, the person filming noted that “the 45th president of the United States” was “first on tee.”

“45th and 47th,” Trump responded to cheers from his fellow golfers.

The former president has hinted at a 2024 run since he left office last January.

During an interview with Fox News last week, Sean Hannity asked Trump about his 2024 plans. He said he’d answer later, but his supporters will “be very happy” with his decision.


Trump Calls Himself 45th and 47th President, Playing Into Potential for 2024 Campaign

14 comments on WATCH: Trump Declares Himself the ’47th President’

  1. NavVet says:

    Maybe premature but he’s not running to lose and he won’t be cheated this time

    1. 2004done says:

      NavVet: “he won’t be cheated this time” Yes, he will, but with OUR OVERSIGHT by manning elections as both poll-workers and poll-watchers, I hope we can MINIMIZE the cheat (cheating, lying, subversion is what they do because Hiding their globalist/ communist/ socialist platform is necessary to hoodwink almost half the votes [I’d believe about 1/4 of the legal citizen single votes]).

    2. Douglas Alsem says:

      You are so right. The moment it was found out that the voting machines were connected to the internet, the results should have been declared null and void.

  2. DwightCrane says:

    I agree with NAVET: Maybe premature but he’s not running to lose and he won’t be cheated this time !
    GO Mr. Trump!!

  3. CornPop says:

    Not if Pelosi’s can help it. She’s running again after stating she’d retire. Confidential Sources claim she’s pushing Biden, whom hates Harris, to the new Supreme Court Vacancy. Which conveniently frees the VP slot for Pelosi who is currently #3. From there a quick call to Hillary about the dirt Biden has on her and boom Suicide. Moving Pelosi into POTUS .

  4. Paid Attention says:

    He cheated himself. He’s a narcissistic despot. Used his money to stay out of jail.

    1. gary gatehouse says:


    2. boone1 says:

      Paid Attention you’ll a real moron and a liar.

  5. CharlieSeattle says:

    Pfft! Wake the [email protected]#k up Trump!!

    2022/2024 national election polls are irrelevant as long as the Democrat election fraud apparatus is still intact! …and it still is!!

    1. Russell from Florida says:

      I’m sorry to say you’re probably right. I just saw a video of a taxpayers 747 with illegal immigrants being brought in and dispersed at night somewhere in our country. I had heard this was happening but a Rep. had it filmed for proof and is calling for Biden’s impeachment over the illegal act. They’re doing it for votes and nothing more. Millions of illegals have been “set up” in our country since 45 left office. Don’t know if they’re given apartments but I’m sure they aren’t being left in the streets. Probably given food and money also all at taxpayers expense. So, what CharlieSeattle is saying is right as rain. This all going on during a pandemic also.

  6. Michael says:

    FJB and Kackula Harris

  7. Chipper says:

    As much as I like him, if he were re-elected, there would definitely be a civil war in this country. Democrats would lose their minds.

  8. Deplorable Robert says:

    DESPITE demonRat fraud in 2022, there will be a red tsunami and the dems will lose Bigley. We are on to them. Their ONLY HOPE is to TRY and prevent him from being ELIGIBLE to run, hense the Jan 6th commission/ committee is there for that SOLE PURPOSE.
    Has ZERO to do with protests or insurrections, or justice. Its SINGLE GOAL is to PREVENT Trump from getting on the ballot. Period.

  9. bob says:

    President Trump was the 45th president ,,, IS the 46th President ,,, and will be the 47th President !!!!

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