June 4, 2022

Uvalde Teacher ‘Heartbroken’ By False Statement

In Uvalde, Texas, a teacher at Robb Elementary School has been “heartbroken” since state officials incorrectly stated that she left a door propped open, allowing the gunman to enter the building and carry out last week’s deadly shooting.

Don Flanary, the teacher’s lawyer, told ABC News that the incorrect accusation had traumatized his client.

“It’s traumatic for her when it’s insinuated that she’s involved, the door open,” Flanary said. “She’s heartbroken.”

Flanary told reporters that the teacher had stepped out of the door to pick up food from a colleague outside when she saw a gray Ford pickup truck crash and propped the door open with her rock while she grabbed her phone to call 911. She saw an armed man headed toward her school when she walked back out, so she kicked the rock and shut the door.

Flanary said the teacher heard gunshots from inside the school.

“She thought she was going to die herself. She was waiting for him to come in,” Flanary said. “Obviously, she’s heartbroken with all the lives lost.”

At the initial press conference after the shooting, a Texas Department of Public Safety official said that the teacher left the door propped open.

The DPS walked back their statement days later, saying that the teacher closed the door, but the door did not lock.

One comment on “Uvalde Teacher ‘Heartbroken’ By False Statement

  1. Philip Seth Hammersley says:

    Not the first time that police and media have peddled a false narrative! Remember how they slandered Richard Jewell for the Olympic bombing simple because he was single and living with his mother? To the cops and FBI they made him probably guilty!!

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