February 26, 2022

Top Republican: US Will Need to Get Involved If Putin Does This

Rep. Mike Turner (OH-R), the top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, warned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a threat to the U.S., saying that America would need to get involved in the event NATO allies are attacked.

“What we’re seeing is that Russia, under [President Vladimir] Putin’s leadership, has invaded a validly elected democracy, an independent nation, violating international law,” Turner said.

“It’s a threat to Europe and a threat to our NATO allies and therefore to the United States.”

Russia invaded Ukraine on Thursday after amassing troops near the border for months, reaching the capital after one day.

Putin “has openly stated that his goal is to reunite the geographical territory of the Soviet Union, and we should believe him,” Turner said.

“I don’t think U.S. troops should be engaged directly, but we do play a role here that is very important.”

“Vladimir Putin has very openly threatened the West and the United States. He specifically included in his exercises leading up to invading Ukraine a nuclear weapons exercise, which of course places the United States, our cities at risk,” Turner said.

“Whenever you have a leader of a nation violating international law and openly threatening the world with weapons of mass destruction, we are entering a very difficult and very dangerous time.”

During President Joe Biden’s campaign, he vowed to stand up to Russia.

“Vladimir Putin doesn’t want me to be President. He doesn’t want me to be our nominee. If you’re wondering why – it’s because I’m the only person in this field who’s ever gone toe-to-toe with him,” Biden tweeted in February 2020.


‘US will need to get involved’ if Russia invades NATO countries, top House Republican warns

4 comments on Top Republican: US Will Need to Get Involved If Putin Does This

  1. Les says:

    Biden and his bunch of woke misfits can and will not stand up to anyone. They are to busy tearing the greatest country ever apart, and the gutless other party is letting it happen. They talk the talk but can’t walk the walk. We are in big trouble and so is anyone else that expects help from them. Maybe the millions of illegals can go help them means the leaders has been so good to them.

  2. JAS says:

    Biden you have never gone toe to toe with Putin, he has always thought you were a joke, and so does the 81 million people that voted for you (yea right 81 million, maybe they meant to say 81 men), the jokes just keep coming. You have shown your true colors you are all about what corrupt individual you could inject into the scotus. Not about our southern borders, inflation, gas prices, safety of the American people, the pandemic and vaccines, the Bill of rights, the Constitution of the United States (that when you were illegally sworn in, to protect so help you GOD), lies, all lies.
    No rational American will ever support you and the deep state or your agendas.

    1. David Medley says:

      Here is 100% TRUTH.

  3. Tim says:

    You people are insane , the same people trying to kill you all , that’s right your politicians cdc big pharmacy and your defence forces who brought you corruption and covid now want to engage in the destruction of the world , clowns the lot of you .

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