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January 1, Tennessee woman livestreamed flooding just before it took her life



Tennessee resident Linda Almond Bryant started a Facebook Live video stream as deadly waters rushed around her home on Saturday morning. The flood claimed her life shortly after, according to her son.

“We’re being flooded right now,” she says in the video. “Really scary.”

Thomas Almond, her son, said that the two were hanging onto a side of the house for half an hour as floodwaters rushed around them.

“We hit the corner of the house, and as I hit it, it dragged both of us under,” Almond said. “And I came out over here, and I looked around, I screamed for my mom a couple times. But I didn’t see her. … I knew I had to fight for myself.”

Almond Bryant, 55, was one of 18 people killed in Saturday’s flash flood. More than 270 homes were destroyed, officials said.


Tennessee woman livestreamed flooding shortly before it claimed her life

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