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January 1, Rittenhouse: Gun Used in Kenosha Shootings Will Be Destroyed



Kenosha County Judge Bruce Schroeder approved an agreement to destroy the rifle Kyle Rittenhouse used to kill two people and wounded a third in self-defense during a 2020 protest in Wisconsin.

Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger said the state crime lab would destroy the gun in the Spring.

The decision came after Mark Richards, Rittenhouse’s attorney, filed a motion on January 19 asking prosecutors to return Rittenhouse’s rifle, ammunition, and clothing he was wearing the night of the shooting.

Last week, Richards and David Hancock, a spokesman for Rittenhouse, said that Rittenhouse wanted to destroy the rifle and throw the rest of the items away so nothing could be used as a political symbol or trophy celebrating the shootings.

“We didn’t think anyone should profit from it,” Richards told reporters after the hearing. He said “lots of people” had reached out about purchasing the gun.


Kyle Rittenhouse gun from Kenosha shootings to be destroyed

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