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January 1, New Gun Law Turns Law-Abiding Patriots into Criminals



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In a disconcerting turn of events, our law-abiding citizens, the proud owners of AR-15-style pistols, find themselves on the precipice of a convoluted legal labyrinth as the Biden administration readies itself to enforce a new rule from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives. A rule that has the potential to label them as criminals overnight.

The rule dictates that owners of these firearms, equipped with short barrels and previously ATF-approved arm braces, must now register their guns as short-barreled rifles under the stringent National Firearms Act. The ultimatum is harsh – register, destroy your braces, or the firearms themselves, or potentially land in jail.

Now, I’m a proponent of law and order. I believe in individual responsibility. But when the laws seem designed to corner law-abiding citizens rather than curb crime, it is our duty to question them.

This month saw two groups secure injunctions against the ATF, leading to hope and further confusion. The Firearms Policy Coalition, allied with brace manufacturer Maxim Defense, secured an injunction in Texas. But, here’s where things get murky. Who does this ruling protect? Only those named in the suit or all FPC members and Maxim customers?

Despite ATF’s objections, the court clarified it was for all members and customers. While the FPC has been declaring that membership grants protection under the injunction, Second Amendment experts caution that only those who were members or customers at the time the suits were filed are covered.

But here’s the kicker, folks. There are an estimated 20 million AR-15 pistols in this great country of ours. Only two of them have been involved in mass shootings. So, why this obsession with these firearms? These are tools of self-defense, often owned by folks who love their community, their country, and their Constitution.

Interestingly, the ATF has repeatedly declared this gun setup to be legal, particularly for our disabled compatriots. The irony? The same administration that parrots about inclusivity is now set to make it harder for disabled Americans to defend themselves and their families.

In the mad rush to appear tough on gun control, the Biden administration risks eroding the fundamental rights of Americans and fostering an environment of confusion and fear. It’s time we demand more clarity, more respect for individual freedoms, and less hasty legislation. Let’s not allow our country’s proud gun owners to be used as pawns in political gamesmanship.


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Bret

    June 1, 2023 at 10:14 am

    With the liberal left, each small win in gun control is a step to the elimination of the second amendment. If they can win this , the next step is to argue “ what’s the difference between AR 15 pistol and a regular AR. To them nothing, and on and on they go. They will end our ability to arm and defend ourselves against the government and out of control crime. The government is not here to help and the police are minutes away when you only have seconds.

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