August 24, 2022

Liz Cheney Says These Two Senators are “Unfit for Future Office”

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Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) believes that Sens. Ted Cruz (TX) and Josh Hawley (MO) are “unfit for future office,” citing their actions following the 2020 presidential election.

ABC’s Jonathan Karl asked Cheney if she would support Cruz, Hawley, or Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) as potential future presidential candidates.

“It would be very difficult,” Cheney answered. “I think that a fundamental question for me in terms of whether or not someone is fit to be president is whether they’ve abided by their constitutional obligations in the past.”

“I think certainly when you look at somebody like Josh Hawley, or somebody like Ted Cruz, both of whom know better, both of whom know exactly what the role of Congress is, in terms of our constitutional obligations with respect to presidential elections, and yet both of whom took steps that fundamentally threatened the constitutional order and structure in the aftermath of the last election. In my view, they both have made themselves unfit for future office.”

The congresswoman said she wouldn’t support DeSantis because he is currently “campaigning for election deniers.”

“I think that we’ve got election deniers that have been nominated for really important positions all across the country. And I’m going to work against those people. I’m going to work to support their opponents. I think it matters that much,” Cheney said.

“DeSantis is somebody who is right now campaigning for election deniers. And I think that…is something that we’ve got to have real pause about. Either you fundamentally believe in and will support our constitutional structure, or you don’t,” she added.

Cheney’s interview came after she emphatically lost to Harriet Hageman in Wyoming’s GOP primary last week.

Watch Cheney’s full interview below:

Source: Newsweek

25 comments on Liz Cheney Says These Two Senators are “Unfit for Future Office”

  1. J. Conrad says:

    What a tool.

    So, supporting free and fair elections, as Cruz and Hawley do, make them unfit for office? I guess that makes everyone in office who questioned the results of the 2016 election impeachable.

    1. Margaret says:

      If Lizzie thinks they are unfit for office, then that proves that we need them in office. Lizzie is unfit and the voters just told her so.

      1. Kevan Daniel says:

        Your are VERY correct Margaret, Cheney is unfit even to be among the human race. Go home and STAY home LIZIE.

  2. Keith Hidges says:

    The true unfit for anything turncoat was shown the door in her election just last week. Wyoming voters did their job. Thank you Wyoming.

  3. John says:

    With her recent loss in Wyoming, I think the voters showed her just who really is unfit for office! She has been a RINO since her Daddy was in office. Always voting with the liberals just the same as Daddy did. Such a pathetic traitor only out to line her pockets like her Daddy. Her opinion doesn’t mean squat to anyone except her, she just thinks it does. Time to leave politics Liz, “YOU’RE FIRED!

  4. Betty Rickmond says:

    Does Liz Chaney really think we care
    what she thinks about Hawley or
    Cruz?? After what she has done
    and still plans to try and prevent
    President Trump from running in
    2024. Give it up Liz! You are “fighting
    an uphill battle”. You are the #1 RINO!

  5. merryinfidel says:

    Says the one who was just declared unfit for public office…

  6. Ron says:

    Liz Cheney is a traitor to republicans a traitor to the congress and a traitor to this great country. Takes right after her traitor dad!!!!! Change parties Liz cause you sure aren’t a republican RINO!!!!

  7. Barsky says:

    Liz Cheney is actually a Democrat for whenever a Dem makes a statement, the exact opposite is true. She is definitely unfit for office. And the voters proved it!

  8. moosegringo says:

    I think Liz Cheney is unfit for office – so THERE !!!!!!

  9. Deedee says:

    Wow Liz…. time to get over yourself! It wasn’t just Wyoming who rejected you, it was the whole damn country! Now go away, because, guess what? NO ONE CARES.

    1. C says:

      You’re insignificant, Lizzy. It’s obvious how you feel about us Republicans. Don’t you dare say that we’re destroying the constitution. Go back to the lefties, you might learn who’s really destroying the constitution. I might suggest you see a mental health expert!! There’s got to be something you and Daddy are scared that Republicans have on him and could let the cat out of the bag.

  10. MARY LOU WITTMAN says:


    1. Pia says:

      And neither she nor you garner any esteem.

  11. kurt gandenberger says:

    if you cannot get rid of a rino in the primary, i suggest voting demoncrat in the general. it is better for the nation to be led by national socialists than by frauds like the rinos.

  12. Alfred J says:

    Thank you Wyoming. Another one bites the dust. Liz is just another pathetic politician. Really glad she was “fired” by Wyoming voters.

  13. JamesD71 says:

    Liz, spoken like a real sour grapes loser. Ride your pony into the Wyoming sunset.

  14. Sheldon Nadler says:

    Liz Cheney should take a good look in her mirror before it cracks to see an unfit, moronic , and stpid woman that is currently in Congress, but soon will be long gone! Yeah!

  15. Don says:

    Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. This witch was never qualified to be in office or even a garbage man.

  16. Rosa says:

    Tell this nut job to go to h…………..crawl under a rock and shut up. No one wants to hear from her.

  17. bobby says:

    This woman is a war monger joke.

  18. What a joke. Apparently she hasn’t looked in. the mirror. She is the one that is unfit for office. Don’t know why she won three times, when she doesn’t even live in Wyoming. Its about time she was kicked out on her A—. What a POS.

  19. Paul A DENIS says:


  20. Juan says:

    So Liz has determined that two senators are unfit to hold future office. Simply because they didn’t agree with her? She sounds like a Democrat, she may as well come out of the closet and join the ranks of the Democrats. If she sounds and acts like one, she probably is one. Besides, don’t the voters determine who they want to represent them in Washington or have things changed and Liz makes that decision alone?

  21. Bev Thomas says:

    Liz Cheney is so blinded by her hate she fails to see her unfitness for the office she was serving in, thank goodness the people of Wyoming awakened and voted her out!! She needs to look to herself before she points fingers to others.

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