August 1, 2022

Joe Rogan Blasts Catholic Church

Controversial podcaster Joe Rogan recently made incendiary comments about the Vatican, saying it was “filled with pedophiles and stolen art.”

Rogan’s remarks came during a recent episode of his immensely popular podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience.

Rogan pontificated on “why isn’t everybody really freaking out about” the Catholic Church’s crimes.

“I was just in Italy, and one of the things that’s nuts is the Vatican is a country,” Rogan told his guests Francis Foster and Konstantin Kisin. “It’s a country filled with pedophiles. It’s a country filled with pedophiles and stolen art.”

“It’s a small, like hundred yard — Like what is it? A hundred acres, I think,” he continued. “Yeah. It’s a hundred acre rather, a country inside of a city filled with pedophiles.”

“This is why I love America, man,” said Kisin, a fellow podcaster. “Cause in the UK, we have libel laws. So if you say something like that and you then have to be able to prove it, otherwise you can get sued.”

“Well, you can kind of prove that,” Rogan responded, adding that Pope Benedict XVI “was wanted in other countries for crimes against humanity.”

“I mean like what he was doing was really evil. He was moving offenders to other places and one of them he moved a guy that went on to molest a hundred deaf kids,” he continued.

“I mean, this guy was already molesting, and then they say, well, let’s just instead of trying him and removing him from the church, we will just move him to a place where people can’t hear.”

11 comments on Joe Rogan Blasts Catholic Church

  1. madmemere says:

    Well, Joe Rogan – -since you obviously do not like pedophiles, why don’t you try concentrating on the other groups that contain just as many, if not MORE than the Vatican. The Catholic Church IS “policing it’s own” and the bad apples are being removed, one by one. So YOU should concentrate on the doctors, lawyers, teachers, janitors, registered sex offenders, preachers, AND POLITICIANS who are JUST AS BAD OR WORSE!!
    You have a “hate” for the Catholic Church, that’s plain enough to see and we do NOT NEED any more hate in this world. If you cannot manage to “curb” your ugly rhetoric, I recommend you SHUT THE HELL UP!

    1. Carol Stevens says:


    2. Tropical one says:

      The Catholic Church has done a lot more than other churches to bring schools, hospitals, food, shelter, etc, etc. Why is it that there is little mention of that?! Easy target, helping the work of Satan to bring us down? We are very far from perfect, but at least we don’t sit on our hands and just criticize.

    3. Denis Baumgartner says:

      Good advice for Joe. ie. Just shut the F^^F up!

    4. Judith DiPietro says:


  2. Sharon N. Hansen says:

    Joe is absolutely correct on this.

  3. Rudy Cutrera says:

    Whether Joe is correct is not the correct answer,there area lot of good priests & nuns & other pure Catholics ,so why should Joe judge the minority & leave this to the Pope & God Almighty? We are all sinners & should not judge others!! My wife’s uncle was a Holy cross brother , all his life & CPA’s for Norte Dame university ,& he and his order were good people!!

  4. Philip Seth Hammersley says:

    There are Catholics who are Christians and there are Catholics who are heathen. Just BEING Catholic means NOTHING. And there certainly are (and were) many Catholic pedophiles, but there are many in other denominations and a lot in the no-church crowd. Their current “Papa” is a Marxist so it would behoove them to try to get a better “Papa.”

  5. CHRIS KELLY says:

    The sick degeneracy and violation oF NATURAL LAW is met with death in much of the world that is not perverted. Forget the word SIN and use the words Natural Law. One is positive. The reason Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed is that they failed to reproduce.

  6. David P says:

    The Catholic Church has always had evil hidden — or not so hidden inside it. Every human institution is the same, whether it is the Baptist Church, or the Congress, or even your local city counsel….. What makes the Church different is that it was established by Christ, promotes the Sacraments given to it by Christ, founds hospitals, opposes evils like abortion, starts schools that don’t promote woke nonsense like gender fluidity, etc. etc. Without the Catholic Church, with all its flaws, our world would be a much more horrid place than it is. The Church doesn’t change, it cannot, but remember, even at the first Eucharistic celebration, there was evil, Judas, who left early.

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