February 5, 2022

Hundreds of Thousands Without Power Amid ‘Crippling’ Winter Storm

The National Weather Service warned that the “crippling” winter storm that has knocked out power, forced school closures, and disrupted road and air travel is expected to hit the Northeast U.S. with heavy snowfall and “treacherous” ice accumulations.

Several governors have declared states of emergency as snow, freezing rain, and ice hit a bulk of the Central, Eastern and Southern U.S. The storm has also spawned tornadoes in Alabama, leaving one person dead.

As of Friday morning, over 131,000 people were without power in Tennessee, 84,000 in Ohio, nearly 29,000 in West Virginia, 31,000 in Pennsylvania, and 53,000 New York.

According to Axios, the governors of Illinois and Texas have issued disaster declarations, the governors of Kentucky and Missouri declared states of emergency, and New York’s governor has directed state agencies to prepare emergency plans.


Hundreds of thousands without power as “treacherous” winter storm hits U.S.

One comment on “Hundreds of Thousands Without Power Amid ‘Crippling’ Winter Storm

  1. And the ignorance, no, the stupidity of those in government and other people that think we can totally rely on electricity for heating homes and operating emergency vehicles is so blatently obvious when electrical power is lost by act’s of nature that have been occurring since the flood of the entire earth. And it happens and has happened regularly in cycles from the time of the flood.
    Man can’t change the weather of the earth.
    We can make it cleaner, but we can’t change acts of nature.

    It’s greed and quest for power through propaganda spread to justify high taxes producing wealth to further the agenda of socialism.
    Fossil fuels are a basic need for survival, and other powers of this world await the weakening of this country so we will be as helpless lambs led to slaughter by crackpots, bought off scientist’s, and corrupt government officials.
    Count the many predicions of those false propagandised alarmests that keep moving the goalposts of catatrostphes they said would happen first because of global warming which the then changed to climate change because the global warming wasn’t happening..
    The earth goes though warming and cooling stages.
    The earth had an ice age which was proven by scientists.
    So, it also has a warming stage.

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