June 25, 2022

House Passes Sweeping Gun Control Bill

The House of Representatives voted 234-193 to pass the most sweeping gun control legislation in nearly 30 years on Friday.

The “Bipartisan Safer Communities Act” is now headed to President Joe Biden’s desk, where it will likely become law. The bill includes enhanced background checks, increased mental health and school safety funding, incentives for states to implement “red flag” laws, and limits the so-called “boyfriend loophole,” preventing domestic abusers from purchasing guns regardless of marital status.

“As I say to members all the time with legislation — do not judge it for what isn’t in it, but respect it for what is. And there’s much to be respected in this legislation,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said ahead of the vote.

“To those who lacked the courage to join in this work, I say your political survival is insignificant compared to the survival of our children,” she added.

While 14 House Republicans joined Democrats in voting in favor of the bill, many opposed the measure, including Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA).

“We must not have knee-jerk reactions in how the federal government approaches red flag laws, where Congress strong-arms states into passing laws that may violate the Second Amendment and deprive citizens their right to due process,” McCarthy told The Federalist earlier this week.

2 comments on House Passes Sweeping Gun Control Bill

  1. Sick&Tired says:

    It is Totally Amazing….. How Bad the Current Leaders ARE of this Country. No One is Stepping Up to Get Things Corrected – Looks Like Our Good Country will just Continue to Falter – Thanks to the Democrats, who seem to have No Clue as to What they are doing………….

    1. mark young says:

      You are wrong. This is is ALL by design on their part. Read the bible(pray for America) and vote.m.young

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