November 22, 2021

Gas Prices Hit Seven-year High

By T. Thompson In Latest News with Comments Off on Gas Prices Hit Seven-year High

    If it seems like gas is more expensive lately, that’s because it is. Prices hit a seven-year high, with a $3.42 average nationwide.

    According to the American Automobile Association, that figure is 16 cents higher than last month, or $1.31 more than last year, and 80 cents more than 2019.

    USA Today broke down which states have the most expensive gas prices.

    California retains its number one spot “at $4.62 a gallon, followed by Hawaii ($4.33), Nevada ($3.95), Washington ($3.87), Oregon ($3.77), Utah ($3.72), Alaska ($3.71), Idaho ($3.69), Washington, D.C. ($3.61) and Illinois ($3.60).”

    The outlet also listed which states experience the “largest weekly increase in gas prices.” The top spot went to Michigan “at an additional 16 cents a gallon, followed by Ohio (+14 cents), Indiana (+11 cents), Arizona (+7 cents), New Mexico (+5 cents), Illinois (+5 cents), Minnesota (+3 cents), Oklahoma (+3 cents), New Hampshire (+3 cents) and Texas (+2 cents).”


    Gas prices rise to a seven-year high. Here’s a look at states where drivers pay the most

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