November 26, 2021

Doctor Resigns After ‘Spreading Dangerous Misinformation’ About COVID-19

A Texas doctor who was suspended for “spreading dangerous misinformation” about COVID-19 treatment has resigned.

Mary Bowden, an ear, nose, and throat doctor at Houston Methodist Hospital, announced her resignation on Twitter.

“I have broken free from Methodist and very much appreciate the flood of support I have received! Sincere thanks to all of you who have reached out with kind words,” she tweeted after posting her resignation letter.

In her letter, Bowden says she’s not “anti-vaccine” but rather opposes “vaccine mandates on principle.”

Bowden claimed Houston Methodist Hospital shared “false and defamatory” statements about her over the accusation that she’s spreading “dangerous misinformation.”

Her suspension came after promoting ivermectin as a treatment for COVID-19. Ivermectin currently has FDA approval to treat humans for parasitic worms, lice, and skin conditions, including rosacea.

“Dr. Bowden, who has never admitted a patient at Houston Methodist Hospital, is spreading dangerous misinformation which is not based in science,” the hospital said in a statement.


Suspended Texas doctor who promoted ivermectin as Covid treatment resigns from hospital

4 comments on Doctor Resigns After ‘Spreading Dangerous Misinformation’ About COVID-19

  1. Ricky L Renfrow says:

    Those who control the purse strings can control everything!!! For a while anyway. It always has a way of catching up to them sooner or later. The truth about Covid-19 will eventually come out as well as the truth about the treatment therapies promoted and why as well as whom. It may take 10, 20 or even 50 years but it will come out sooner or later.

  2. Tina says:

    The truth will come out, but at what cost? Migrants, postal workers even Congress do not have to take this vaccine. If this vaccine is so life saving why aren’t people who get Gov’t medicaid, food stamps or welfare forced to get it to receive benefits? Why would anyone trust what is being said when rules do not apply to all?

  3. Truth Finder says:

    Anybody who wants to know just how truly serious the Covid pandemic really is doesn’t have to do anything more complicated than just ascertain what the current world human population is and then divide that figure by the the global deaths so far ascribed to the Covid variants. This allows EVERYBODY to quickly correctly contextualise the Covid phenomenon!

  4. Mary-Jo says:

    I asked my Doc about getting Ivermectin if I got Covid & was told NO !! I asked why & she replied that the Government will not allow it !!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT ???? Something that works & Our Ahole Government won’t allow it ! BUt it was used in India & they have NO COVID now !! Now tell me they aren’t trying to kill us all off !!

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