May 4, 2022

Details Behind Bill Clinton’s Lunch at the White House

1904: The United States begins construction on the Panama Canal.

Former President Bill Clinton returned to the White House to have lunch with President Joe Biden.

The pair had “a wide-ranging discussion,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters.

Biden and Clinton have “had a number of conversations,” Psaki said.

“And they talked about having lunch just a few weeks ago, so this is an opportunity to do exactly that, and I’m sure they will have a broad conversation,” she added.

While The Hill noted that Biden’s lunch with the former president precedes what is sure to be a challenging midterm election, Psaki did not respond to a question on if POTUS sought advice regarding the impending midterms from Clinton.

Clinton is not the only former president to have had lunch at the White House recently. Psaki told reporters that Biden had lunch last week with former President Barack Obama.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did not join Biden and her husband for lunch, according to The Hill.


Biden, Bill Clinton have lunch together at White House

11 comments on Details Behind Bill Clinton’s Lunch at the White House

  1. Luis D Rey says:

    Is Bill Clinton looking for another Monica?

  2. Luis D Rey says:

    Will her be Monica’s new baby?

  3. Rebecca Tuftee says:

    I’m so glad to hear that President Biden had lunch with former President Bill Clinton and Barack Obama! They were the two best presidents and we need their input with all this craziness that is going on right now!!!

    1. Truth Vaccine says:

      No Free Speech for Communists, Globalists or the WOKE terrorists.
      These 3 two legged snakes are the most racist, anti American creeps to darken our shores.
      2 of those, “chief executives”, were illegitimate, and 1 was impeached, btw.
      They are DIRECTLY responsible for Ukrainian war, NOT Putin!

    2. Muffin says:

      U R delusional if U think they were the best P’s!

    3. george says:

      you have got to be joking. you must be a shill for the demon-rats.

    4. Biden, Clinton and Obummer are the worst this country has ever had.

  4. Carabec says:

    😳 Planning making plans for the future…when our Beautiful Constitutional Republic has been FUNDEMENTALLY Transformed into something unrecognizable!

  5. Truth Vaccine says:

    Which White House?
    Release the visitors logs for the other White House in Delaware.

  6. Dave Griswold says:

    Why is no one talking about Obamas remarks about getting a PUPET for his 3rd term. Now he has one.

  7. george says:

    guess old joe has some little ones lined up for slick willie, and himself.

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