April 17, 2022

Congressional Cafeteria Workers Speak Out Against Working Conditions

People who work in the House of Representatives cafeteria are speaking out against their working conditions, saying that they’ve become untenable.

Workers from three different cafeterias in the Capitol complex told The Hill that Sodexo, the cafeteria services contractor, has imposed labor practices that lead to unsanitary conditions.

“There have been cutbacks. There were four people cleaning in there, now there’s only one person,” one worker said.

“There are trash cans with maggots, there are rats, it’s dirty, and we have videos and photos.”

The workers said they’ve contacted their union, Unite Here! Local 23, but a shop steward said he hadn’t seen a union representative in two years.

The workers also said they feel “impotent and frustrated” after pleading for months for improvements only to be ignored.

“I’m going to put up a last fight to complain and raise my voice. Ultimately, I think, if they give us the boot? Well anyway, this just doesn’t work anymore,” one said.


House of Representatives cafeteria workers denounce working conditions

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  1. Michael A Horvath says:

    For what reason would cafeteria workers serving congress, need a union, especially with the party of the Unions in control?

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