December 6, 2021

California Organized Robbery Suspects Released Through State’s Zero-Bail Policy

Fourteen suspects accused in the “smash and grab” coordinated robberies have been released from custody, in part due to California’s new zero bail policy.

Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Chief Michel Moore said all fourteen suspects, including one minor, met the criteria for the zero bail policy. The measure requires judges to consider what a person can afford when setting bail.

“All the suspects taken into custody are out of custody, either as a result of one juvenile, or the others as a result of bailing out or zero-bail criteria,” Moore said at a press conference.

Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon said his office still intends to file charges for the robberies.

“Our office has been collaborating with multiple law enforcement agencies and, once all the evidence has been gathered, we will review the cases to determine what criminal charges should be filed,” Alex Bastian, Gascon’s special adviser, said in a statement. “These brazen acts hurt all of us: retailers, employees and customers alike.”

Moore said that Los Angeles stores were hit by organized thefts 11 times between November 18 and 28. He added that the robberies cost the stores over $338,000 in stolen merchandise and $40,000 in property damage.


Fourteen ‘smash and grab’ suspects released, some through California’s zero-bail policy

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