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January 1, Biden jokingly tells children part of his job is to ‘avoid answering’ reporters’ questions



On Monday, President Joe Biden facetiously told a group of elementary schoolers that part of his job as president is to “avoid answering” questions from the media.

Biden visited a classroom in New Jersey’s East End Elementary.

“As president, see all these people here, they’re with you all the time,” Biden told the children, gesturing to the media at the back of the room.

“They get to ask you all kinds of questions, and you try to figure out how you’re gonna avoid answering them sometimes,” he added with a laugh.

Previously, Biden has received criticism for cherry-picking specific journalists and referencing instructions not to answer questions at all.

“I’m not supposed to take any questions, but go ahead,” Biden said at the National Response Coordination Center at FEMA headquarters after Hurricane Ida. 


Biden jokes to school children his job is to ‘avoid’ answering the media’s questions

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