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January 1, OnlyFans Model Abandons $9M Empire, Finds Divine Purpose



Nala Ray, a former OnlyFans model, has announced she’s leaving the platform after making $9 million, saying she found God. In a recent interview, Ray discussed her past, including growing up as a pastor’s daughter, and her journey into pornography.

She shared details about her difficult childhood, from losing her home in a tornado to her parents’ divorce by the time she was 11. Her life took another turn when her father remarried and became a pastor. The church communities she was part of also experienced splits, which she compared to divorces on a larger scale.

Ray’s interest in pornography stemmed from her fascination with the human body. “I love the human body, I think it’s artwork,” she said. Her perspective has now shifted, saying, “I have a different form of that love now, for — it’s more I love what God created instead of just nudity.”

When asked about the difference, Ray responded with “Perversion.”

The former model credits her newfound faith to feeling “numb” and believing there had to be more in life. She discussed her lack of emotions and how she felt very detached from things.

Despite expressing shame for her actions on the pornography platform, Ray believes her past has “shaped” her and can help her reach young people considering joining OnlyFans. She compared her testimony to Saul’s conversion as a “living, walking testimony.”

Ray concluded by questioning who young people would listen to, someone without experience on the platform, or “the person at the top of the hill who’s saying, ‘There’s a cliff after this’?”

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  1. Taxpayer

    April 11, 2024 at 7:24 pm

    The high and mighty retire with 9 million in her coffers. I bet there would be many more if they could see $9 million as the end game.

  2. Stan S Gerber2

    April 11, 2024 at 8:42 pm

    Glad she found her calling, but her cliff has a $9 million cushion.
    Most young OF ladies do not have that cushion. Or maybe the message is ‘make a fortune then find your true calling’?

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