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January 1, NFL Legend O.J. Simpson Loses Cancer Fight at 76: Life, Legacy, and Controversy



Orenthal James Simpson, known as O.J. Simpson, has died following a battle with cancer. His family announced the news on Thursday via social media.

“On April 10th, our father, Orenthal James Simpson, succumbed to his battle with cancer,” the post on his official account read. “He was surrounded by his children and grandchildren.”

Simpson was 76 years old. He gained national fame as a college football star before playing in the NFL for 11 seasons, primarily with the Buffalo Bills. He is considered one of the greatest running backs in the franchise’s history.

However, Simpson’s life took a notorious turn after the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman in 1994. The pair were found stabbed to death outside Nicole’s condo in Brentwood. Simpson was arrested and charged with murder but was later acquitted after a high-profile trial.

The trial became a major tabloid obsession. Simpson’s acquittal is viewed by many as a colossal failure of the American justice system. Despite his acquittal, he was found liable for the deaths in a civil trial three years later, and the victims’ families were awarded more than $33 million in damages.

In 2007, Simpson found himself in legal trouble again. He was arrested in Las Vegas and charged with armed robbery and kidnapping. He was sentenced to 33 years in prison with a minimum of nine years without parole. He was released in 2017 after serving the minimum and was released from parole in 2021.

Simpson is survived by four children from two marriages, including Sydney and Justin, who he shared with Brown. One of Simpson’s sons from his first marriage drowned in 1979.

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  1. ssilv48

    April 13, 2024 at 11:12 am

    I hope oj likes heat, it’s for eternity, hillary, bill, both ovoma’s, lynch, comey, and about 2000 others will follow oj in his foot steps

  2. Elise C

    April 13, 2024 at 12:55 pm

    Good Riddance. He lived a lo longer than his victims. He was a murdering scum bag. you wiil not be missed.

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