April 20, 2021

BREAKING: Chauvin Trial Verdict Reached

Ex-cop Derek Chauvin has been found guilty on all counts in George Floyd’s death. Hopefully the masses will be satisfied with the ruling.

4 comments on BREAKING: Chauvin Trial Verdict Reached

  1. Roscoe Roules says:

    To hell with the masses! It is time for Civil war in this country and for every person of any description to truly lives this country to go to war against every element that is trying to destroy it including every liberal fascist politician at every level and those “masses” who seek to destroy this country. Wake up lovers of America these enemies must be destroyed.

  2. Wanda Broerse says:

    So glad that cop is going to jail for murder- Their would have been blood shed if he had gotten off. Thank you jury for your vote- I never watched a man die before and it made me sick to watch George Floyd calling for his mama mama.

  3. Clair says:

    Why wasn’t the White lady George Floyd raped not called as a witness???? What about the Countless white people that have been raped and killed by blacks?? and we’re racists. We’re not in the streets burning buildings and looting like them! What a disgrace!

  4. Clair says:

    We need Trump back in the White House!

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