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January 1, Woman Arrested After Trying to Buy Infant at Walmart for $500K



In Texas, police arrested a woman after a bizarre encounter wherein she allegedly attempted to purchase another woman’s baby as they stood in a checkout line at a Walmart.

The Houston County Sheriff’s Office charged Rebecca Taylor, 49, with sale or purchase of a child, a third-degree felony. Taylor was released on a $50,000 bond.

The purported incident occurred in the self-checkout line at a Houston-area Walmart. The mother told police that Taylor “began commenting on her son’s blonde hair and blue eyes. She asked how much she could purchase him for.”

The mom “tried to laugh this comment off, thinking Taylor was joking. Taylor told her that she had $250,000 in the car and she would pay that much for him. [The mother] told her no amount of money would do.”

She claimed another woman was with Taylor at one point. The mom said she alerted the police, and waited for the two women to leave the store.

But, according to an affidavit, Taylor continued to push the issue and the mother told her to stay away from her son. In the parking lot, “Taylor began screaming at [the mom], saying if she wouldn’t take $250,000 for him, then she would give her $500,000 because she wanted him and she was going to take him.”

Taylor was allegedly standing behind a black SUV that was parked next to the mom’s vehicle. Even after the mom locked her kids in the car, Taylor persisted.

Police said they watched footage from the incident and it appeared to match the mother’s claims.

If convicted, Taylor faces a minimum of two years in jail and a maximum of 10 years, and could face a fine of up to $10,000.


Texas woman arrested after allegedly trying to buy another woman’s child for $500,000 at Walmart

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