January 10, 2022

Treasure Hunters Sue for Records on FBI’s Civil War Gold Dig

Two treasure hunters who claim they found a huge cache of Civil War-era gold filed a lawsuit against the Department of Justice (DOJ) for the FBI’s excavation records.

Finders Keepers, a Pennsylvania-based lost treasure locate and recovery service, seeks to obtain records of the FBI’s dig for the gold in 2018.

Dennis and Kem Parada, the owners of Finders Keepers, spent years looking for a supposed 1863 shipment of Union gold that went missing en route to the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia. According to local legend, both the loot and the troops escorting it went missing. Previous accounts of the shipment estimate 26 to 52 gold bars, each weighing 50 pounds, with a value of $50 million.

The Paradas claim they found a large mass of metal in a particular area and contacted the FBI for assistance. The agency sent a contractor to the site to investigate.

In an affidavit unsealed in June 2021, Jacob Archer of the FBI’s art crime team wrote: “I have probable cause to believe that a significant cache of gold is secreted in the underground cave” in Dent’s Run, holding “one or more tons.”

The pair accompanied the FBI to the site in 2018 but were told to stay in the vehicle. The FBI later claimed the dig came up empty.

With their lawsuit, the Paradas hope that the unsealing of relevant documents will enable them to receive a portion of the fabled treasure.

“With its request, Plaintiff seeks to confirm the FBI’s recovery of Civil War-era gold buried in the mountains of Pennsylvania, based in significant part on scientific evidence of the gold’s existence that Plaintiff provided the FBI,” the lawsuit reads.


Treasure hunters demand answers from FBI about search for civil war-era gold

2 comments on Treasure Hunters Sue for Records on FBI’s Civil War Gold Dig

  1. Lisa says:

    good ole corrupt fbi, when are they going to shut down the dc office of the corrupt fbi, they need to be dismantled…they are TOTALLY corrupt, they are LIARS, they withhold evidence, they don’t investigate hunter biden’s laptop, had it for over a year and DID NOTHING

    1. AL says:

      The FBI will probably claim they cannot locate the records of the dig. Records? What records?
      Remember Hillary’s email server? She had her contractor use special programs to totally erase the hard drive. Then, she surrendered it to the FBI. Four months later, I saw an FBI announcement about it. It was only in news papers, and the MSM ignored it. They announced that the evidence log for the server was “lost” and they were working to recreate it. How convenient. If they did “recreate it, I’m sure it was had errors and omissions, ensuring the server could never be admitted as evidence if there ever was a trial.

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