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January 1, National Security Adviser Says Ukraine Invasion Could Come ‘Any Day’



National security adviser Jake Sullivan said that Russian military forces could invade Ukraine “any day now.” 

“Well, what I can tell you Martha is that we are in the window. Any day now, Russia could take military action against Ukraine or it could be a couple of weeks from now or Russia could choose to take the diplomatic path instead,” Sullivan told Fox News Sunday host Martha MacCallum.

“The key thing is that the United States needs to be and is prepared for any of those contingencies in lockstep with our allies and partners.” 

“If war breaks out it will come at an enormous human cost to Ukraine, but we believe that based on our preparations and our response, it will come at a strategic cost to Russia as well,” he said. 

Sullivan’s comments come amid ongoing concerns that Russia intends to invade Ukraine, as Moscow has amassed more than 100,000 troops on the border.

But Russia’s deputy ambassador to the United Nations, Dmitry Polyanskiy, called an assessment of a possible invasion “scaremongering.”

Polyanskiy made the remark while reacting to the headline of an article in The Washington Post that read, “Russia could seize Kyiv in days and cause 50,000 civilian deaths in Ukraine.”

“Madness and scaremongering continues,” he wrote on Twitter.

“[W]hat if we would say that US could seize London in a week and cause 300K civilian deaths? All this based on our intelligence sources that we won’t disclose. Would it feel right for Americans and Britts? It’s as wrong for Russians and Ukrainians.”


Top Biden aide says Ukraine invasion could come ‘any day’

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