April 18, 2022

MLB Star Apologizes for Hot Mic Incident

By T. Thompson In Latest News with Comments Off on MLB Star Apologizes for Hot Mic Incident

Philadelphia Phillies third baseman Alec Bohm didn’t realize he the camera was on him when he told his teammate that “I f—ing hate this place,” evidently referring to the city of brotherly love.

Before Bohm dropped the F-bomb, the crowd had sarcastically cheered for him after making a routine play — taunting him for the two errors he’d made right before.

“Look, emotions got the best of me. I said it. Do I mean it? No,” Bohm told reporters. “It’s a frustrating night for me, obviously. Made a few mistakes in the field.”

“Look, these people, these fans, they just want to win. You heard it, we come back, they’re great. I’m just sorry to them. I don’t mean that and emotions just got the best of me.”

When asked by a reporter, “So you actually love this place?” Bohm smiled and said, “You know what, yeah I do.”


Alec Bohm says ‘I f–king hate this place’ after Phillies fans’ sarcastic cheer

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