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Joy Reid blasts Rittenhouse, Kavanaugh for ‘male white tears’



MSNBC’s Joy Reid said in a recent TikTok video that America has a penchant for “male white tears” that allowed Kyle Rittenhouse and Brett Kavanaugh to skirt accountabilty.

“In America, there’s a thing about both white vigilantism and white tears, particularly male white tears. Really, white tears in general, because that’s what Karens are, right? They Karen out and then as soon as they get caught, bring waterworks. White men can get away with that too, and it has the same effect,” Reid said.

The MSBC host is known for making racially divisive comments on her show The ReidOut.

Last year, Reid sparked controversy after calling Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas “Uncle Clarence.” It was a reference to “Uncle Tom,” which is a derogatory term for a black person regarded as being willingly subservient to white people.

Rittenhouse, 18, is on trial for murdering two people and wounding another. Last week, he had an emotional breakdown during his testimony about the events that transpired during the night of the shooting. Many prominent left-wing pundits and celebrities, including Reid and LeBron James, mocked him for crying.


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