April 21, 2022

IRS Whistleblower Claims Biden Owes $127K

Chris Jacobs, a former Republican aide on Capitol Hill, has filed IRS whistleblower complaints against President Joe Biden and his accountant, claiming that Biden owes $127,000 in back taxes.

“Federal agencies must implement laws on a non-partisan basis,” Jacobs said.

“The fact that the IRS did not audit Joe Biden’s 2017 through 2019 returns, despite several articles publicly raising questions about the propriety of his actions, raises questions about how the IRS administers our nation’s tax laws, and whether political considerations played a role in the IRS’ decisions.”

According to reports, Biden and his wife, Jill, utilized tax loophole in 2017 and 2018, wherein they avoided paying the 3.8% Medicare tax by routing $13.3 million through “S corporations.”

“The facts do not suggest that Mr. Biden arrived at anything approaching a level of ‘reasonable compensation’ consistent with IRS guidelines. Instead, Mr. Biden’s salary level appears to have been set arbitrarily at a level just slightly above the Social Security wage base, with other factors — Mr. Biden’s own salary history, the compensation received by comparable individuals and comparable filers, and the labor vs. capital allocation — all but ignored,” Jacobs wrote in the complaint.

Republican lawmakers have vowed to investigate Biden’s taxes if they regain Congressional majority. They have also criticized the president, saying it’s hypocritical of him to urge the wealthy to pay their “fair share.”


Biden, accountant hit with IRS whistleblower claim that prez owes at least $127K

4 comments on IRS Whistleblower Claims Biden Owes $127K

  1. mountaine says:


  2. john says:

    Amen. What’s fair for the goose, is fair for the gander.

  3. Thomas says:

    The Democrats are in charge and by way of the slip and slide previous admins’. the IRS is a Democratic weapon against the people of this once free Nation.The Buffoon will skate on this one also as will his pervert son and we as a Nation will suffer.

  4. THOMAS says:

    The Buffoon Biden will skater all the way through his 4 years of Nation destruction with the HELP OF THE DEMOCRATIC CONGRESS MAJORITY AND THHIS NATIONS TAX PAYER WILL PAY FOR THE DESTRUCTIVE SHOW. WE ALSO SHOULD HOPE THAT THE HAIR-ASS (AKA PRINCESS SPREAD EAGLE) REMAINS THE FOOL IN WAITING AND NOT TAKING OVER, because what in 3rd place is wvwn more dangerous(Pelosi)

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