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January 1, India hits more than 400k COVID-19 cases in one day



How’s it going, America?

On Saturday, India hit a daily record of staggering 400,000 new COVID-19 infections. The country continues to be overwhelmed with the pandemic. Virus, please stop spreading now!

In Oregon, a resurgence of COVID-19 infections has hit the younger population. More residents are becoming ill, even those with no premedical condition. Fears were rising that there could be new, stronger and more contagious COVID-19 variants. 

More and more Americans are going in the stock market as stocks bought by US households climbed to over 41 percent last month. Can somebody teach me how to become rich in investing stocks?

The four astronauts who went to the International Space Station last week had successfully landed back to Earth, thanks to SpaceX’s Dragon capsule. The mini craft parachuted into the Gulf of Mexico in Florida. Well done, Mr. Elon Musk.

After six weeks of rest following his injury, Lebron James is back at the Los Angeles Lakers lineup. While he said that he was already feeling comfortable, the NBA superstar admitted that he would unlikely achieve getting in 100 percent shape.

He may not be the governor anymore but Californians are showing interest on Arnold Schwarzenegger. People are becoming fond of what the action star slash politician is currently doing. Will he run again for office?

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