September 15, 2022

Howard Stern: “I Don’t Know How They Don’t Indict That Dude”

Controversial radio personality Howard Stern expressed disbelief about how the Department of Justice (DOJ) has not indicted former President Donald Trump for his alleged mishandling of classified documents.

“I don’t know how they don’t indict the dude, but maybe again he’ll get away with it,” Stern said on his SiriusXM radio show. “I think there’s a law in this country, and then there’s no laws for Donald Trump.”

“He gets away with all kinds of sh-t,” the 68-year-old added. 

Before his presidential term, Trump had frequently been a guest on Stern’s radio show.

“It’s so weird. I knew Donald for so many years—not in touch with him now, obviously,” Stern said. “The only thing that I used to say about Donald: The guy just wants to be the focus of attention. He wants the whole world looking at him. And son of a gun, if he didn’t make that happen.”

Stern also suggested Trump might have allegedly kept the documents to sell them to another country like Russia.

“Imagine if he says, ‘Look, man. Give me a couple of billion dollars, and I’ll show you where France keeps their nuclear weapons,'” Stern said. “‘Hey, you guys want to buy this from me? I mean, I could sell it to you, Russia, for like, you know, $50 billion. You’ll know everyone’s nuclear secrets.'”

“I don’t even think he has any idea what’s in those documents. He just wants them,” the radio host added.

Sources: The Hill | Newsweek

8 comments on Howard Stern: “I Don’t Know How They Don’t Indict That Dude”

  1. Ell Jay says:

    Whenever he opens his mouth, more dumb shit comes out. Howard, STFU!

    1. hank says:

      yep,,,,,what people listen to that dude,,,,must be left brainwashed traitors to America,,

  2. Pia says:

    Howard Stern is way beyond his “freshness” date and is showing signs of rot.

  3. Dan Hurd says:

    Stern exposed his jealousy of Trump with his comments on Trumps popularity. Stern sees his own relevance slipping away and thinks being controversially stupid is the answer. Stern has proven his initial appeal was dumb luck and not talent. Rush Limbaugh was talented and genuine to the end. Stern changed his values and authenticity and most of his fans saw it and feel like suckers.

  4. Katie says:

    I never even gave this idiot a thought until this crap came up. Stern, get lost.

  5. Beaty says:

    This guy is way way past his shock jock krap he’s 68 he needs to retire first he says one thing and then he says something else that totally debunked it does he even listen to himself go home and stay there he even used his wife’s miscarriage on the air just to get views who wants all the attention yep you guessed it Howard Stern jealousy is an ugly thing

    1. Sal says:

      He’s a hypocrite all of a sudden Howie is a liberal he made fun of every one but when Opie and Anthony did it to him he cried to his bosses like a little sissy putz

  6. Ernie says:

    He’s a total D**k, should be very careful to what he says, as he got a direct line to the FBI and DOJ, to cover this story as he as stated as a fact? Can see him being dragged through the courts, free speech is one thing, but making statements regarding someone’s intentions is another thing, he should be thinking of making a apology on air, he may think he’s got away with it, but President Trump as a few years to take action against him.

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