November 12, 2021

GOP infrastructure supporters bombarded with threats

Last week, the $1 trillion infrastructure bill passed through the House by 228-206 with 13 Republican votes. Since then, those 13 GOP representatives have been subject to threatening phone calls, including one who says he received a death threat.

“This madness has to stop,” said Rep. Fred Upton (R-MI), who said his offices received dozens of threatening phone calls after his yes vote. The fervent correspondences included one obscenity-ridden rant wherein the caller repeatedly called Upton a “traitor” and said he hoped Upton, his family, and his aides would die. The 18-term moderate closed his two offices for a day to increase their security.

The 13 supports also faced intense rebuking from within their own party. According to the Associated Press, Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) wrote in a now-deleted tweet: “Time to name names and hold these fake republicans accountable.” Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) called them “traitors.”

“If Marjorie Taylor Greene wants to be mean to me, that’s fine. I love America very much. I would never ever do anything to hurt this country.”

Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) said that the 10 of the 13 defectors who are the senior Republicans on committees should be removed from their posts. “I respect their right to vote their districts and their conscience. But that doesn’t mean that they should get the privilege of leading [House Republicans],” Biggs said.

The bipartisan measure aims to create jobs and improve things like the country’s roads, water systems, and broadband coverage. Additionally, it will send funds into every state. President Joe Biden plans to sign it on Monday.

Democrats condemn Republican opposition to the bill on policy and political grounds.

“It’s a sad statement of how the other party has lost its way,” said Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-N.Y.). “If you want our country to fail so you can say things are bad and win power for yourself, you act like the House Republicans are.”

Though the two parties once collaborated on things that have a mutual and national benefit, like infrastructure projects, the dynamic is now far more complicated.

“When it comes to policy these days, we’re basically divided into two tribes. And you stick with your tribe, and you don’t try to help the other tribe,” GOP strategist Glen Bolger said.

However, some within the GOP are pushing back against cries for retaliation against the 13 pro-infrastructure members. Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), who opposed the bill, said the 13 Republicans are “among some of our very best members” and voted yes “because it was the right thing for their districts.”

Some of the 13 members are taking the criticism in stride. Rep. Jeff Van Drew (R-N.J.) said he voted yes because his state would receive more than $20 billion in funds “we desperately need.” Van Drew dismissed the notion that the measure would “catapult the president” politically.

“If Marjorie Taylor Greene wants to be mean to me, that’s fine,” Van Drew said. “I love America very much. I would never ever do anything to hurt this country.”


Death threats, tweets jolt GOP infrastructure supporters

7 comments on GOP infrastructure supporters bombarded with threats

  1. Sonja Moreau says:

    Maybe it would of helped if the 13 GOP Representatives had taken the time to read the actual bill before voting. It’s always the case, they don’t. They should never trust the democrats. As a strong conservative, even I know what’s in that bill, and barely 11% is geared to actual real infrastructure. All they did was hurt the United States of America. These Representatives will be not re-elected in 2022!

    1. AN says:

      Spot on! I was so disappointed in Jeff VanDrew. When he became a Republican, I supported him as much as I could. After his vote for this bill, I wondered why did he bother to switch parties? He voted for a DEM disaster ????????‍♀️

  2. AJ says:

    When have the sitting GOP legislators ever stood together when a politized Democrat bill is up for a vote? First, McConnell and his Senatorial, EST RINO hacks gave the bill support- moving it back to the House; giving the known House RINOs another gift to further help the Marxist DEMs. Threats are meaningless and emboldened these RINOs to cry foul and diminish the validity of the GOP base.
    What removes them is your VOTE.
    Empower yourself with your VOTE before we are so far down this Road to Perdition and our Vote is taken away from us. We have challenging Constitutional Conservatives running in 2022- get out and support them. And, if we are missing a challenger in any state or district, find and support a candidate(s) to run! Have you noticed how many brave, battle worn Veterans have picked up the gauntlet and have thrown it in sitting RINOs faces? These are true Patriotic Americans that have the Ppl and the country First and Foremost in their hearts and minds. Let not your hearts be troubled,; when Patriotic Americans stand shoulder to shoulder sans Party affiliation, we will take America back and restore all its glory.

  3. AJ says:

    The last comment I wrote was waiting for moderation and now my reply to another’s text is waiting for moderation, neither texts have foul language and are in the same vein as the other texts displayed. So much for the First Amendment! Adieu

  4. john says:

    INFRASTRUCTURE BILL — $1.2 trillion

    Roads and Bridges — $110 billion
    Modernize rail/public transit — $105 billion
    Expand broadband internet access — $65 billion
    Strengthen power grid — $65 billion
    Upgrade water pipes — $55 billion

    Total for all above — $410 billion
    Where’s the rest going?

  5. Richard says:

    It is time for the rino’s to be voted out of office. They did not read the entire bill and they only took the word of the democratic idiots. All of that bill should be for infrastructure. No pet projects for the far left idiots. Time to kill that bill before it destroys this country.

  6. Janis says:

    Since my Congressman (Garbarino) voted his way, then I will choose my own voting actions on 11/02/22. If he is the Republican candidate, I will clear my calendar that date and not vote. I am confident that the Republicans will take the House in 2022, with or without Garbarino of NY-2. This mental midget actually sent an email to his constituents trying to justify his vote. One of the things he actually cited was fixing potholes. Since he has no Federal roads in his district (all are either State, county, or local) the Feds are not involved, and that very recent years the governing entities involved have been doing a pretty good job. He also cited our local regional airport on Long Island, which is owned by the Township of Islip. It basically is serviced for most of the commercial flights by Southwest. The airport has already undergone several renovations over the past several years. Nice airport to scoot down to Florida, but it is no JFK or LaGuardia. He talked about improving the Long Island Railroad. How? This is the major transportation system with three main lines covering the south shore, north shore, and central communities from the densely populated Long Island counties of Suffolk and Nassau to NYC. Can’t do high speed, as the LIRR stops at multiple towns picking up commuters on each line into the city. Stations are pretty close to each other. The rails have all been electrified and most train cars are new double-deckers. Unless the brilliant Biden regime is going to mandate all railroads operate on solar or wind power, we are just fine.
    Let’s face it folks, most, if not all, of these turn coats were influenced by Special interest groups (ie – Chamber of Commerce) and not their Republican constituents who actually voted them into office. Now, a lot of these 13 will get re-elected due to their heavy Republican districts. However, my guy is in a suburban NYC district that is getting Bluer by the day. The older Republicans are selling their houses to younger, more liberal couples escaping NYC, and many of the homes are being gobbled up by real estate investors and absentee landlords who are renting them to large swaths of the Biden/Harris illegals, who cannot legally vote, or vote for Dems illegally. Almost every older Republican voter who moves to Florida is being replaced by a Democrat voter or a non-voter. So if Garbarino loses by 1 vote because me and my hubby chose not to vote next year,so be it. With his traitorous vote that gave those 2 decrepit bags of bones (Biden and Pelosi) a victory, I have come to the conclusion that he never really had the Republican party, in general, or me, personally, as a priority.

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