May 22, 2022

Flight Attendant Helps Deliver Baby Mid-Flight

By T. Thompson In Latest News with Comments Off on Flight Attendant Helps Deliver Baby Mid-Flight

A flight attendant went the extra mile when she helped deliver a baby during a cross-country flight.

Frontier Airlines flight attendant Diana Giraldo performed the “heroic task of delivering a baby” when an “early and unexpected labor took place on a flight” from Denver, CO, to Orlando, FL, airline officials said.

The airline said Captain Chris Nye described Giraldo’s conduct as “exemplary” and “calm.”

“Diana again went above and beyond after the completion of the flight to coordinate our return to Orlando,” Nye said.

“The whole crew really did a great job. I transferred controls and flying duties to my First Officer as I coordinated the diversion. Dispatch did a great job as well by suggesting Pensacola Airport and getting a gate and paramedics ready for us. This was a job well done, and I was happy to see everyone working together to successfully deliver a newborn on an aircraft!”

The mom commemorated her new daughter’s unique birth by giving her the middle name Sky, Frontier Airlines said.


Flight attendant helped deliver ‘unexpected’ baby in plane’s bathroom

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