June 6, 2022

FDA: Vaccine Carries Cardiac Risk

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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says that while Novavax’s COVID vaccine clinical trial showed it was 90% effective, it carries the risk of heart inflammation, particularly in young males.

Novavax is seeking emergency use authorization from the FDA for its COVID vaccine as both a booster for those already vaccinated and an alternative for those who have refused mRNA shots.

The FDA’s staff evaluation comes days before its advisory panel will decide on whether to grant emergency use authorization.

“The review noted instances in which people who took the vaccine had an increased risk of the heart conditions myocarditis and pericarditis, especially within seven days of the second shot,” Axios reported.

The FDA staff noted that there was insufficient data to evaluate the vaccine’s safety in children, pregnant women, and immunocompromised people.

7 comments on FDA: Vaccine Carries Cardiac Risk

  1. this is exactly why i didnt get the covid shot, and im a high risk patient to. when i was younger we always got the flu shot and i always got the flu . now im told this is not the same there seems to be more things wrong with this covid shot all the time .its like playing russian roulette

    1. JudyAnne says:

      I didn’t get the vaccination either. I did get covid. It wasn’t bad at all, but then I got the covid pneumonia, which was worse than the covid. When my spouse was tested for covid and was positive, then I knew I was going to get it too, so I started taking the Ivermectin. 3 months after I had the pneumonia, I still had the pneumonia, but it was going away. But when I had slight chest pains, my PCP told me to get to the ER ASAP, and I told her NO, that if I sat in an ER for 4 hours, then I would have a real heart attack. So I made an appointment with a cardiologist to check my heart. When I saw the doctor, he told me that I had no problem with my heart and it was just a residual affect of the pneumonia. I told him that I had taken the Ivermectin at the beginning of the covid and I did not get vaccinated. He told me that I was very wise and that if I had gotten the vaccine, I could be like a lot of his patients who had the vaccination and that was not good. He said that if I feel like I had the covid, again, then get checked and use the same procedure that I did. He said that Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine are very safe drugs and they work. So the hate for President Trump was an incentive for the communist dems to destroy the country. Shouldn’t they be charged with multiple murders?

  2. Jack Farris says:

    I haven’t taken any shots and don’t intend to take any. I don’t trust the so called Government that is in Washington and to be honest I don’t believe any of them has taken the shot either. We are all victims of the Democrat party which is a group of lieing Commies that all they are doing is filling their pockets with money. Bill Gates for one was suppose to be big brains behind the internet but I believe Steve Jobs was the brain and Gates rode in on his coat tail and now gates is a know it all about this drug. Sure he is pushing the shots as he is making millions from owning a large percentage of the drug company thats making the shots. In my opinion you are dumber than a fence post if you believe the democrats and take these shots as there’s no one that can truthfully swear that they know what the out come from the shots will be. Put your faith in the LORD JESUS CHRIST and not the Politicians.

  3. Lisa says:

    the whole FJB’s alphabet agencies can F O…they just can’t wrap their minds around that people DON’T TRUST the corrupt gov’t…hell the cdc just told us they were lying about the numbers vaccinated

  4. John mink says:

    My friend had covid then her health care person said get the shots or I won’t be able to care for u she got 2 shots and died in a week

  5. Fred says:

    My opinion, backed up by actual data, is that there is no COVID emergency, it’s a bioweapon; and the fake vaccines are also bioweapons. Of course anyone reading this on this website probably already knows that.

  6. Gary Fernett says:

    Why would anyone take a Vax shot when the elites are pushing it and they also want to depopulate the world….sounds like a lose lose deal if you take these shots…the long term effects are you die early from versus side affects placed in these shots.

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