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January 1, DOJ Reportedly Nearing End of Investigation into Trump’s Alleged Mishandling of Classified Documents



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The investigation into former President Donald Trump’s alleged mishandling of classified documents at his Mar-a-Lago residence appears to be nearing its end. Special counsel Jack Smith, appointed by Attorney General Merrick Garland, is reportedly close to finishing the gathering of testimonies and other evidence.

Trump’s close associates are reportedly bracing for a possible indictment. The looming indictment has stirred up quite the buzz, and they anticipate being able to leverage the prosecution for fundraising efforts.

Smith is no stranger to high-profile investigations, having previously served under Obama Attorney General Eric Holder. He led the DOJ’s Public Integrity Section, where he oversaw public corruption cases throughout the United States. But his involvement in the Lois Lerner IRS scandal during the Obama years, which saw the targeting of conservative nonprofit groups, has been a bone of contention for Trump.

Now, as Smith’s investigation wraps up, he has reportedly issued a subpoena to the Trump Organization for information on any foreign business deals since Trump took office in 2017. The Trump Organization has reiterated their pledge of not entering into any new foreign deals during Trump’s tenure in office, claiming full compliance with this commitment.

However, Trump isn’t alone in facing scrutiny over classified documents. President Joe Biden is also being investigated by special counsel Robert Hur for similar issues. Garland’s decision to allow personal lawyers for Biden without security clearances to search for classified documents has sparked criticism from Republicans.

Throughout the investigation, Trump has defended his actions, arguing that he had every right under the Presidential Records Act to take documents from the White House. He further contends that these documents became automatically declassified when he took them. Trump’s legal team has also called for a legislative solution to prevent the DOJ from conducting what they believe are unnecessary criminal investigations.

As both Trump and Biden face investigations for their handling of classified documents, the question remains whether the probes will yield any substantial findings. It also highlights a need for clarity and perhaps reform in how classified information is handled by those in the highest office.


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