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January 1, Democrats lobby for 8 million green cards



Democrats made their case to the Senate parliamentarian on Friday for their plan to provide permanent legal status to 8 million immigrants, including Dreamers, temporary protected status holders, and essential workers.

After President Biden’s immigration reform plan stalled, Democrats aim to go it alone by including their more modest plan in a $3.5 trillion bill they hope to pass soon.

They’ll first need to convince the Senate parliamentarian, Elizabeth MacDonough. Though she’s a little-known nonpartisan figure, MacDonough has thrown out key priorities for both parties in budget reconciliation measures in recent years.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently acknowledged during a virtual town hall that there are questions about what “will survive the parliamentarian in the Senate.”

“We are limited in what the parliamentarian in the Senate will allow,” she said. “and that is most unfortunate.”


Democrats make case to Senate parliamentarian for 8 million green cards

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