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January 1, Chinese rocket debris to crash into Earth this weekend… but where exactly?



Good morning Americans,

Have you heard about the massive rocket debris that is reportedly going to crash into Earth this weekend? The “out-of-control” debris is part of a Chinese rocket that launched to space last week. Don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world. But the question remains: Where is it going to crash?

Canada has reported its first death due to COVID-19 vaccine. A patient in Alberta died from a rare blood clot condition after receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine. At least five more cases of blood clots were reported after immunization with the AZ vaccine.

It will get worse before it gets better. The CDC predicted that Covid-19 cases in the US will likely to surge due to the highly contagious B.1.1.7 variant or what we’ve commonly known as the UK variant. There’s a warning that the surge could peak in May but the good news is — there will be a sharp decline come July. Continue to follow safety guidelines and hope for a better summer this year.

Former President Donald Trump has cut ties with his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani early this year. Giuliani’s allies are now asking that Trump’s team pay Giuliani for the work he did in trying to overturn the results of November’s presidential election.  They’re also asking what happened to the $250 million they collected for the election legal fight.

After the warning, now comes the recall. On Wednesday, Peloton announced it’s voluntary recalling its treadmill machines over safety concerns. The company recalls about 125,000 Tread+ machines and about 1,050 Tread products in the U.S. after a child’s death and 70 other injuries tied to the exercise machine.

Andrew Garfield, make up your mind. Will you be returning as Spider-Man for ‘No Way Home’ or not? Following a previous denial that he’ll not be part of the film, the actor is now saying “Never say never.” Does that mean he’ll be involved in Tom Holland’s third Spider-Man movie?

Enjoy your day,

Fraser Dixon


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