November 27, 2022

Biden Vows to Push Ban on “Sick” Semiautomatic Weapons

1493: Christopher Columbus returns to La Navidad colony, finding it destroyed by the 1st native American uprising against Spanish rule. Taíno cacique Caonabo led his people to attack the settlement after the brutal treatment they received from the garrison who disobeyed Columbus’s orders.

President Joe Biden has vowed to push a ban on so-called “assault weapons” in the wake of several mass shootings across the country.

“The idea we still allow semiautomatic weapons to be purchased is sick, it’s just sick. It has no social redeeming value, zero, none. Not a single, solitary rationale for it except profit for the gun manufacturers,” Biden told reporters on Thanksgiving Day.

“I’m going to try to get rid of assault weapons,” he insisted.

With an evenly split Senate, Biden is unlikely to gain the 60 votes necessary to overcome GOP opposition to a proposed ban on the sale of semiautomatic firearms.

Biden has previously pledged to ban “assault weapons.” During his 2020 presidential campaign, told CNN’s Jake Tapper, “I’m going to get an assault weapons ban. … Before this is over, I’m going to get that again. Not a joke, and watch.”

However, previous efforts to pass a semiautomatic-weapons ban have stalled in Congress.

Biden’s recent remarks come amid a particularly violent November. There have been at least three mass shootings in the U.S., claiming the lives of more than a dozen people and injuring dozens of others.

On November 13, three University of Virginia football players were fatally shot and two others were injured by a classmate.

Six days later, a gunman killed five people and injured at least 25 others at an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

On November 22, an employee opened fire at a Walmart in Chesapeake, Virginia, killing six people and wounding three others.

Sources: CNN | National Review | New York Post

16 comments on Biden Vows to Push Ban on “Sick” Semiautomatic Weapons

  1. Rahn says:

    where is my comment?


    Sick Joe is making sick decision about America’s constitutional right to own guns!!
    He must be stopped………………………….ASAP……………….

  3. Gerald Ladd says:

    We need a ban on stupid DemonRATS.

    1. Don says:

      That is more prudent than anything else.

  4. Robert Stallman says:

    From the various comments it appears clear that many don’t understand “semi-automatic”. Semi-automatic means that a gun fires every time the trigger is pulled. Automatic means that you pull the trigger once and hold and it continues to fire. Neither of these is needed in a hunting context, an experienced hunter being easily able to “cock” a gun for every firing. Cocking such a gun takes about one second. The same applies if the “game” you are hunting is the person breaking down your front door.
    Both of the above are considerably more dangerous, especially in the hands of an inexperienced person. This being the case, there is no question that fewer accidents will happen if both semi-automatic and automatic weapons are banned (most places they already are).. They simply are not needed in any sense except where some deranged person intends to injure many people quickly. The same would apply to a car which can reach 300 miles an hour. It is simply not needed. IT CAN ONLY BE REASONABLE AND SENSIBLE TO BAN SUCH WEAPONS. If something not necessary is also dangerous, it is not needed.
    Is there any doubt about why the country with the most liberal gun laws also has the highest rate of deaths by gun?

  5. Avis Dillon says:

    Robert Stallman. You are absolutely correct. That is the only thing they are good for. The 2nd amendment gives the right to own a MUSKET. And the n only if you are part of a militia.

  6. hank says:

    The people are letting the clown in our W.H. do whatever he wants just like with Obama this crap of the democrats trying to run our lives needs stopped.

    1. Cat says:

      Hank……I agree wholeheartedlly!

  7. NOYB says:

    Well let’s think a little bit here …. is a pistol considered a semi automatic? Now also I have killed hogs and I remember one in particular that with the 1st shot of my 357 into his head just got mad and started charging – took 3 in the head before he fell – I’ll keep my semi auto thank you it’s better than being gored to death not to mention if I have to lower the gun cock it again re aim by then the game is gone. Also if a hopped up crack head is coming in my door with a semi (because i don’t care what the laws are criminals will have their semi and their fully automatic) I at least want a semi auto. Maybe just maybe if we start teaching responsibility for your actions and respect for life at early ages (like from BIRTH) instead of liberals setting the examples of EVERYTHING is allowed and you have the birth right to do as you please our crime rate will go down. I don’t care how WOKE you think you are…..it’s time to wake up and put your brain in gear grab your big person pants and start THINKING – while it’s still legal !!!

    1. Cat says:

      NYOB……..You just gave the ultimate advice. It’s called PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. In today’s America it’s (very unfortunately) next to nonexistant.

  8. HRT says:

    God bless Biden. May he accomplish what trump failed to do and that is get rid of guns period! We should not have any guns be in revolver or automatic, pump, bolt action, automatic whatever. Hunting should be banned and police should NOT have guns either as they kill blacks with them. If someone is charging at you with ill intent let them. The bible says to turn the other cheek. Christians, practice what you preach.

    1. Brunswick says:

      Moron! Tell ya what you let them hurt you, I don’t care. Me i’m no one’s victim. I’ve read many stupid things on here, but you pretty much take the cake. Let me guess your a progressive…I mean Communist right. Why don’t you go to a place that is much safer than the USA. I’m sure we won’t miss you at all.

    2. Roger says:

      You are no doubt a dumbacrat ! How long do you think a cop will remain alive with that thinking ! Just can’t fix stupid !

    3. Richard says:

      You are a total whacked out moron!

  9. Brunswick says:

    Just a sick little communist old man. Reminds me of those old Russian leaders of the 60’s. Maybe he can get a statute of himself put up in Russia or China.

  10. Best thing that could happen to this country right now is for Air Force One and Two to simultaneously crash – with Pelosi, Schumer and whoever would be next in line to succeed on board too.

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