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January 1, Antifascist counter-protestors clash with Proud Boys, journalists



Antifascist counter-protestors clashed with the Proud Boys, other right-wing groups, and journalists at the “Summer of Love” rally in Portland, Oregon, over the weekend.

The black bloc-clad counter-demonstrators reportedly threatened to “smash cameras” of journalists, according to Ford Fischer, editor-in-chief of News2Share. Video footage shows the group shoot paint and mace at independent journalist Maranie R. Staab and throws her to the ground. One individual continued to shoot paintballs at Staab and the members of the press who helped her up off the ground.

“Yesterday I [was] attacked by ‘antifascist’ protestors in blackbloc. To threaten & assault members of the Press is not anti-fascist behavior,” Staab tweeted. “To do so under the guise of social justice is a disgrace. To do so anonymously & from behind is pure cowardice.”

“So often, Antifa physically assaults journalists,” journalist Glenn Greenwald tweeted. “They think they own the street and journalists have the duty to obey them, and are justified doling out physical abuse if they’re disobeyed. They’re cowardly LARPers: beating up women & trivial targets, never real power centers.”

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