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January 1, Fox News anchor receives death threats for recommending the coronavirus vaccine



Last week, Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto, host of Your World with Neil Cavuto, announced he tested positive for a breakthrough case of the coronavirus. In a MediaBuzz interview on Sunday, he urged viewers to get vaccinated regardless of the politicization around vaccine mandates.

Cavuto is immunocompromised after facing multiple health challenges over the years, including stage 4 cancer, open-heart surgery, multiple sclerosis, and, now, COVID-19.

“This is not about left or right, this is not about who’s conservative or liberal; last time I checked, everyone regardless of their political persuasion is coming down with this,” Cavuto said during Sunday’s interview. “Take the political speaking points and toss them for now, I’m begging you. Toss them and think of what’s good, not only for yourself but for those around you.”

Cavuto said that his urging would get him “in trouble” and that he would likely receive unkind viewer emails in response. His guess was correct as he read some of those emails on his show Tuesday.

“It’s clear you’ve lost some weight with all this stuff. Good for you,” wrote one viewer. “But I’m not happy with less of you. I want ‘none’ of you. I want you gone. Dead. Caput. Fini. Get it? Now, take your two-bit advice, deep-six it and you!”

“I admire your remarkable strength through so much adversity, but let me give you some advice,” another wrote. “Shut up and enjoy the fact you’re not dead. For now.”


Fox anchor Neil Cavuto urged viewers to get vaccinated. Then came the death threats



  1. Linda Burnman

    October 28, 2021 at 10:36 am

    Clearly , those 2 reply’s come from angry people. Angry at the world and everything and everyone around them. They are miserable and want to make people miserable. Just don’t like to be told anything. Even if it’s good advice.

  2. trutherator

    October 28, 2021 at 9:33 pm

    Those are the nastiest ones you can come up with? Those aren’t “threats”, they’re expressions of “hoping”, and they sound to me like some trolls that want to make people look bad who reject the so-called “Covid vaccine”.
    Like the guy in one of the debates from when Ron Paul was a candidate who yelled, “Let ’em die!” somebody trying to make libertarians look bad, when they are not about that. Ron Paul, who delivered thousands of babies, treated hundreds of soldiers when he was in “the service”, and took care of the pregnancy and delivery for a mixed-race couple FOR FREE when they were turned down everywhere else at that time. And by the way, insisted to a partner he took on that they were going to treat all the Medicaid patients FOR FREE.

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