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January 1, Halle Berry’s Hilarious Battle with Tight Blouse Reveals Behind The Scenes Struggle



Halle Berry offered her fans an honest glimpse into her struggles with a tight blouse in a recent behind-the-scenes video. The 57-year-old actress attended the IFM’s Annual International Conference in Las Vegas last month, looking effortlessly stunning in a fitted corset top at the Bellagio Hotel.

A video she shared on social media on Monday, however, revealed a different side of the story. In the clip, Berry and her stylist Lindsay Flores wrestled with the blouse, trying to free Berry from the garment. When Berry unintentionally exposed herself, a red heart was placed on the screen to censor the footage.

“Watch my boobs,” Berry warned, later asking, “Why did you have me in this?”

Flores, worried the shirt might tear, proposed using scissors to cut Berry out of the Anna Quan design. However, the suggestion only led to more laughter.

Ultimately, after some intense maneuvering, the “Monster’s Ball” star was liberated from the constricting blouse.

Fellow actresses Viola Davis and Michelle Pfeiffer empathized with Berry’s wardrobe difficulties. “Man this video makes me feel GOOD!!!!!! I feel seen,” Davis commented, while Pfeiffer added, “I’m usually alone when this happens.”

Fans also commended Berry for her openness, with one user stating, “This is the most human thing that relates to all of us I’ve ever seen on social media.” Another expressed their newfound respect for celebrities’ behind-the-scenes experiences, saying, “Wow. I have so much respect for the things you all go through behind the scenes.”

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