November 17, 2021

University reaches settlement with unvaccinated student-athletes

Western Michigan University has reached a settlement with student-athletes who declined to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

WMU’s decision comes after suffering two courtroom losses. According to court documents, WMU will allow athletes to play their respective sport while requiring them to undergo daily COVID-19 testing and follow a mask mandate when appropriate. 

A group of at least 16 athletes had argued for a religious exemption from the school’s vaccine mandate. When WMU denied their request, the students sued.

Last month, a federal appeals court sided with the athletes, arguing that the school had violated their constitutional rights.

Attorney David Kallman said WMU will pay $34,000 in legal fees in the settlement. Additionally, the school said the athletes can keep their scholarships and remain on their teams.

“The university wishes the student athletes well in their academic and athletic careers, and the student athletes are excited to continue their academic and athletic careers,” WMU and the Great Lakes Justice Center said in a joint statement.


WMU gives up lawsuit fight over vaccines for athletes

5 comments on University reaches settlement with unvaccinated student-athletes

  1. Doc Carlos says:

    Thats OK, There is no law that you have to let them play.
    Occasionally play them on useless times.
    If I was on the team I would not involve them on the field of play and if a contact sport let the other team cream them
    and let them get injured

    1. snydeec says:

      Just practicing social distancing as they are not wearing masks either

  2. Brenda J Whitney says:

    Good. Keep our athletes safe.. and make sure every single test kit is ‘clean’. I heard from 2 doctors in 2020 they found COVID in 2 of their ordered kits for their patients. Also it is safer when the patient tests themselves in front of the supervisor/ doctor.

  3. Robert Shaer says:

    The PCR test cannot accurately detect Covid as stated by t he inventor!
    The masks that most people wear are totally ineffective because the virus is smaller than the spaces in the woven fabric. It is like throwing sand at a chain link fence and expecting it to stop the sand. The is no scientific data s howing that masks protect or that social distancing works.. If you dont beleive me, ask the CDC the FDA or the WHO to s how t he scientific date in s upport of their statements. They cannot do it.

  4. scooterdog says:

    the school should cancel all sports teams, which means they can end all those sports scholarships and free up money to use to pay for science and engineering scholarships. But we know that will never happen. the headlines made me wonder if the school is concerned about the average student or just the ones playing sports? What is being done there? are all students required to be vaccinated or do they have a choice?

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