April 19, 2022

Teacher Fired, Charged for Allegedly Showing Adult Video in Classroom

A high school teacher in Houston, Texas, lost his job and faces up to a year behind bars for allegedly showing an adult video on a classroom projector.

Kevin Welchel was fired from Klein Collins High School after allegedly watching adult content on a school laptop and inadvertently playing it on a classroom projector.

“The individual was immediately removed and is no longer employed by the district,” Klein ISD spokesperson Justin Elbert said.

“Law enforcement filed charges that have been accepted by the district attorney’s office, and all appropriate legal action will be taken to the fullest extent of the law. The district does not tolerate such completely unacceptable conduct.”

District officials said that Welchel was charged with “display of harmful material to a minor,” which is a Class A misdemeanor punishable by a fine of up to $4,000, and up to a year in jail.


Klein ISD teacher fired, charged after allegedly showing video of adult content in classroom

2 comments on Teacher Fired, Charged for Allegedly Showing Adult Video in Classroom

  1. DiYi says:

    Way too many weirdos are “teaching” our kids. And the Left bitches about the FL law?

    1. Grizz Mann says:

      Socialism demands that children be raised by the state. The state knows how best to educate the youth.

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