March 26, 2022

Russian Troops Attack Their Own Commanding Officer

By T. Thompson In Latest News with Comments Off on Russian Troops Attack Their Own Commanding Officer

Russian troops ran over their own commanding officer with a tank after nearly half of the men in their brigade were killed in the ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

According to Ukrainian journalist Roman Tsymbaliuk, Russian Col. Yuri Medvedev was attacked after the 37th Motor Rifle Brigade endured heavy losses.

Tsymbaliuk said the troops injured Medvedev’s legs by running him over with a tank, causing him to be hospitalized.

The incident reportedly took place in Makariv, Ukraine, which the country reclaimed this week after Russians previously took it over.

A senior Western official said that Medvedev died from his injuries, saying his death was “a consequence of the scale of the losses taken by his own brigade.”


Russian troops attack own commanding officer after suffering heavy losses

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