June 26, 2022

‘Professional’ Shoplifter Arrested for 99th Time

A self-proclaimed “professional booster” has been arrested for at least the 99th time, police said.

Police in New York City arrested Michelle McKelley, 42, at a Duane Reade store at approximately 8 p.m. on Wednesday after being observed filling a bag with items and trying to leave.

The 42-year-old allegedly struck the store security guard repeatedly in the arm with a shopping basket.

Police said McKelley was charged with robbery, attempted petit larceny, and criminal possession of a weapon.

McKelley was also arrested in February after allegedly stealing from a Target store. Prosecutors said she told cops, “I haven’t been caught in a long time.”

“I’m a professional booster. Y’all are stopping my hustle,” she allegedly said to police officers.

A Manhattan police officer told the New York Post that the revolving-door justice was “making a mockery of the system.”


4 comments on ‘Professional’ Shoplifter Arrested for 99th Time

  1. janet says:

    where’s picture of the thief?

  2. James Morgan says:

    This one of the reasons crime is getting out of control.
    And we call this justice to the people who work every day and pay higher prices to cover business losses.

  3. Woodrow Short says:

    I have a cure for that shoplifter. Catch him give hima fair trial which will find him guilty. Then take him out and chop off his hands as an example. That goes for hackers to.

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