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January 1, Postmaster General Defends DFA Plan, Seeks to Save USPS from ‘Death Spiral’



Postmaster General Louis DeJoy remains committed to the Delivering for America (DFA) plan. This 10-year initiative, now in its third year, seeks to transform the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) from an “organization in financial and operational crisis to one that is self-sustaining and high-performing.” DeJoy recently defended the plan in a passionate op-ed.

DeJoy believes the USPS plays an “important role in the communications that bind the nation together.” He highlights the vast scale of the organization, with 640,000 employees operating 32,000 retail and operational centers across the nation. They use 45,000 trucks, 256,000 delivery vehicles, and 200 aircraft to accept and deliver 425 million pieces of mail and packages to more than 330 million people every day.

However, DeJoy warns that the USPS is in a “death spiral” without significant changes. The agency is self-funding and does not receive tax dollars, leaving it responsible for managing its own costs.

The DFA plan aims to make the USPS a more progressive network. DeJoy believes it is working, stating, “We have used our regulatory authority to make the pricing adjustments necessary to correct for more than a decade of defective pricing.” The plan has converted nearly 180,000 non-career workers to full-time employment, stabilizing the workforce. With the plan, 98 percent of Americans receive their mail and packages within three days.

A key part of the DFA plan is restructuring the USPS’ operations. This involves opening new mail processing and distribution centers and consolidating facilities where possible. While these changes are in progress, they have not yet fully materialized. DeJoy remains optimistic, saying, “We will soon be back to a performance level that can make the nation proud.”

DeJoy highlights the plan’s successes so far: transportation costs have been reduced by nearly $1 billion, revenue and market share have increased, and an estimated $2.5 billion has been saved annually by cutting work hours. Additionally, the USPS has reduced its projected 10-year losses by almost $100 billion.

DeJoy emphasizes the importance of continuing on this path: “‘Delivering for America’ is the only comprehensive strategy in existence that can save the Postal Service and empower this indispensable organization not just to survive but thrive.”

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  1. George Metropoulos

    July 11, 2024 at 8:11 pm

    As a former postal worker I have to disagree with Mr. DeJoy about the mail being delivered within 3 days. Our local distribution center was closed quite a few years ago. Our mail that used to be delivered within 2 or 3 days now takes up to 10 days when mailed locally to a local address is now sent to a distribution center more than 90 miles away to be sorted, cased and then delivered. I don’t see where the savings is and with some people still mailing payments out, we have to send them out a week earlier in order to get to their destination on time.

  2. Frank RUPEKA

    July 12, 2024 at 9:20 am

    Small Rural town. 16693 PA. Use to have in town mail box?? All mail that was delivered by hand along with mail out of town coming in ? Was put together at Post office at same time. Same person that delivers it now did local- coming in mail together. Very EFFECENT ??? Like George stated !! But just like High Way Departments ! Start 40 different jobs, all with in a mile or so stop flow every ten feet! confusion ! Instead of putting work force together finish each job! move efficient to next. No back tracking . MAKING COMPLETE SENCE ??? Apparently common people and even former workers, ARE CLULESS !! Back to our LOCAL MAIL ! Now trucked to Johnstown close to a HUNDRED MILE round trip!! back to where it STARTED???? Then as in PAST- PUT with incoming and delivered !!!??? A question I do not understand?? NO TAX MONEY?? Employees Federal ? Government employees ? IF government employees Washington DC ? If TAX MONEY has no PART in it ?? Then Where is all the money going ? no up keep ROADS- Or ??? If just money for building upkeep, stamps, new equipment ! Our local fire company gets thousand $$ Donated. new trucks used a few times, then new ones ? not even broke in ! Maybe POSTAL service should COMBINE and be a new COMPANY ? POSTAL ON FIRE ????????????/

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