March 20, 2022

Pixar Restores Same-Sex Kiss Scene After LGBTQ Uproar

Pixar has restored a previously removed scene featuring a same-sex kiss in the Toy Story prequel Lightyear following backlash from Disney’s LGBTQ employees over its handling of Florida’s so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

Lightyear follows popular character Buzz Lightyear, voiced by Chris Evans. The prequel reportedly includes a scene in which a character named Hawthorne, voiced by Uzo Aduba, kisses another woman.

Disney employees recently objected to CEO Bob Chapek’s handling of Florida’s controversial legislation.

Pixar employees said LGBTQ stories and elements often wind up on the cutting room floor, and that Disney actively censors “overtly gay affection” in its films.

Chapek later apologized for the companies silence on the Florida legislation, which would disallow discussions about gender identity and sexuality in primary schools.

“I let you down,” he told employees.

Lightyear is scheduled to hit theaters on June 17.


Same-Sex Kiss Restored in Pixar’s ‘Lightyear’ Following Staff Uproar Over ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill

21 comments on Pixar Restores Same-Sex Kiss Scene After LGBTQ Uproar

  1. DAIL says:

    Please explain to me why adult themes are being thrown into children’s movies. A child should not have to deal with adult issues. Why do they even need to kiss at all? Other than the love of family and friends, that is all of the love that they need to know about. Children don’t need to be thrown into the battle of adult defined sexuality. Shame on Pixar for caving into the pressures of adult issues in a non-adult movie. I have nothing against adults choosing whom to love. They are free to choose whom to love, but I do have an issue with them pushing their beliefs on the innocent children. Why can’t we leave them alone and let them grow up with innocence of childhood fantasy and imagination? Adult topics will invade their life soon enough. Why can’t we just let them be kids? I will not support the decision that Pixar made. In my opinion, the whole movie will be on my “cutting room floor”.

    1. David Kollin says:

      Completely agree Dail. Shame on Pixar… and anyone who tries to paint you as a “anything-phobe” for a very fair and reasonable expectation. Stop making our children political pawns for adult agendas.

      1. szq says:

        Amen! Like you brought out in you comment about “anything-phobe”, there should also be one for those who are
        “God-ophobes”. HE is the ONE who set the original guidelines…and for our own GOOD, not to be a task-master over us!
        “HE made them male and female and said ‘It is VERY good!’ ” When “man” presumes to redefine that, then he basically says he knows better than GOD, sets himself up as a god, and thus in now worshipping false idols.
        God have MERCY and forgive our Nation & save us.

        1. Alan Fried says:

          God and your BIBLE of Hatred is why it’s totally acceptable for you to see Straights to kiss but NOT GAYS!

        2. Alan Fried says:

          You have straight days 365 days a year so that your husband’s can molest boys!

    2. Tom says:

      The LGBTQ people will never let your kid alone because it is all about sneaking in acceptance of their perversion by starting to show it in kids movies. This gets them insensitive to the abnormality of it all. And then from there it progresses into your school system, colleges, and public officials. Get the picture!?

      1. szq says:

        Amen! We MUST speak up! We MUST stand up to those who would continue to tear down this Nation & spit in the faces of our Founding Fathers and even God Almighty HIMSELF!

        1. Alan Fried says:

          God and your BIBLE of Hatred is why it’s totally acceptable for you to see Straights to kiss but NOT GAYS!

        2. Alan Fried says:

          DoNT SAY STRAIGHT!

    3. Lili Shinler says:

      Shame on Disney and Pixar for putting politics ahead of the welfare of children. Hopefully those 5.6% of the country who fall into the LGBTQ realm will be able to fill their parks and theaters.

    4. szq says:

      Good for you! I totally agree! This Nation is on a very rapid downhill slide & going faster. This Nation used to be based on Christian Morals , as set by God Almighty for our good and blessings. HE gave us very distinct guidelines of morality, family, sexuality. Not to be a strict task-master, but HE knows what is best for us in order to have fruitful, blessed, peaceful lives. And “In the Beginning”, HE made them male and female, that they might compliment each other. HE loves ALL mankind, but also knows we have a sinful nature, in ALL areas of our lives, which grieves The Trinity beyond description. Thus HE died for ALL sins of ALL mankind: past, present, & future, in order that we would never have to be separated from HIM in Eternity, for those who accept HIS Sacrifice.
      But when we presume for ourselves to do what WE think is best for us & set ourselves up as a god, making up our own morality, then we DO have consequences to pay. We have now come to a place of worshipping false idols (ourselves) by making our own subjective rules and relegating GOD to the dumpster.
      There WILL come a day when each and every one of us will have to answer for our lives and how we lived them…and if we accepted HIS Sacrifice on the Cross for our sins: (no matter what those entailed-for WE ALL have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God).

      1. Alan Fried says:

        Take your God and Bibles of HATRED and the Hatred of CHRISTIANITY and Stuff them in your Churches of EVIL and Hatred that they Perpetuate!

      2. Alan Fried says:

        You are one Extremely Sick Individual controlled by a religion based on a book of stories written by men on drugs and Alcohol to Express HATRED of Human beings!

    5. Alan Fried says:

      Why is it acceptable for straights to kiss but not GAYS because of your Bible of HATRED!

  2. OR Patriot says:

    Putting Homosexual scenes in kids’ movies SHOULD BE a CRIME IF IT ISN’T ALREADY!!! There’s no excuse for catering to 1% of the population’s sexual perversions!! ESPECIALLY in Kids’ movies!! DISGUSTING!! I will not allow ANY of my children to see Disney movies again!!! Walt would have a CORONARY if he knew what these clowns are doing to HIS company and his reputation!! FOR SHAME!!!

    1. szq says:

      That’s for sure!

    2. Alan Fried says:

      Walt Disney was a Major Antisemite! An Evil person like Henry Ford and Lindbergh! So Dont give me he was some great Christian Morality Leader from your God of HATRED!

  3. AL says:

    The Disney corporate culture encourages the LGBTQ++(whatever) lifestyle. Since the 1980s, Disney World has been known as a mecca for the LGBTQ movement. They have “gay days” events that last several days every year. Visitors and employees are encouraged to participate.
    In the 1990s several churches had scheduled a Disney trip for hundreds of families. They had no idea it was the same week as “gay days.” The families tried to safeguard their children as thousands of the LGBTQ crew brazenly engaged in mass orgies everywhere in the park, and accosted and insulted church group members who did not voice approval. Families also had to protect children from gays who tried to drag them away.
    Disney officials brushed off all complaints, saying the gays were paying customers and had every right to do what they were doing. With full cooperation of the media, Disney officials smeared the church groups as narrow minded, homophobic, etc, etc. Disney also falsely claimed that church groups had demanded gays be banned from the park.
    The church group had asked Disney to restrain the orgies being conducted all over the park, and to tell gays to stop accosting their kids.

    1. szq says:

      OH how very sad…

    2. Alan Fried says:

      Straight men Molest Boys NOT Gay Men! Better keep your children away from your male family members and religious Leaders who are sexually perverted and Sexually Starved!

    3. Alan Fried says:

      You have straight days 365 days a year so that your husband’s can molest boys!

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