June 14, 2022

New Disney/Pixar Movie Banned in Several Countries

The upcoming Disney/Pixar movie Lightyear won’t be released in several countries, including Saudi Arabia, according to multiple reports.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film was banned in various Middle Eastern countries over the inclusion of a same-gender kiss scene.

The UAE’s Media Regulatory Office announced just days before the film’s June 16 release that it was not licensed for public screening due to its “violation of the country’s media content standards,” the outlet reported.

Lightyear will also not be in theaters in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Malaysia, or Indonesia, according to Deadline.

14 comments on New Disney/Pixar Movie Banned in Several Countries

  1. Timothy A Price says:

    The LGBQT+ and the sympathizers are trying their best by any means possible to push their sick agenda! I guarantee my grandkids won’t be watching their filth!
    I don’t understand how sick stuff like that can be pushed, yet when we Christians try to speak truth, we are silenced!

    1. P. Gonzlea says:

      So true!!

    2. DenBaumgartner says:

      Nor do I Tim. The “sickos” ie. liberals continually try to push this crap on the public.

    3. L Cooper says:

      When were you silenced? Sounds like you need to go to Saudi Arabia,,,

      1. Philip Seth Hammersley says:

        People are SILENCED when they are thrown off social media, are doxxed by haters, or are slandered by child porn pushers. Have you been living in a cave for the past few years?

    4. Von Potter says:

      Since Walt went to heaven, it seems that the remaining family are destroying anything that is good for our children to watch…….

      If you want to be gay……fine………..keep it to yourself and spare our children the idocy that involves cartoons with worthless practice to our children……..the Disney Family must all be a bunch of looneys……………

  2. Michael Mitchell says:

    That Disney has come down to this level is truly sad. Walt Disney is probably looking down and wondering what in God’s name have they done to his company. A company that was, once upon a time, dedicated to family entertainment and wholesome values. Especially for the entertainment of children. The ‘wokeness’ in this country disgusts me thoroughly. If this is the lifestyle that you want to live-go for it. But don’t expect my approval and stop trying to push it on all of us. I will tolerate it, but I will never accept it.

    1. L Cooper says:

      Gay people are family too….

      1. Michael says:

        Yes you are right to care about and love those who are gay. Many of the folks expressing concern also believe this to be true. But yes , we have been silenced- if one believes the Disney movie is promoting a lifestyle inconsistent with their beliefs in raising children or grandchildren, who made you the moral authority to question their concerns. I have 18 grandchildren for which we pay for the Disney channel ! We have discontinued that service. It’s a very small gesture but symbolic of what most of us conservatives cannot tolerate any longer – ie the intolerance of people such as yourself who claim to be inclusive! But we are not included and your greatest fear should be that we just might vote for our voice again.

      2. Von Potter says:

        L. Cooper…………then let them keep it behind their closed doors and stop their demonstrations out on the street……..I had more respect for gays about 4 decades ago when they acted like humans instead of thinking they want everyone to know they are getting it on with someone of the same sex..

    2. Sandra j Plants says:

      Disney has been at this level, do you not remember who first allowed medical insurance for life partners. No one said a word. Next they will be making pornos and sex offender movies.

    3. Pete says:

      Well said…….

  3. CourageousMe says:

    RIGHTLY SO! Please keep BANNING those AMORAL movies as a way to CANCEL THOSE executive Producers who are financially backing them.

  4. Tom Lofgren says:

    Christians? Teaching your children to hate those who are different. That is Taliban and is OK in those banning countries listed above. Maybe you would be more comfortable resettling.

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