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January 1, “Mother of the Year” Arrested for Punching Umpire at Children’s Soft Ball Game



A woman wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with the phrase “Mother of the Year” was arrested after punching an umpire in the face at a children’s softball game.

The umpire, Kristi Moore, shared a photo of her injury and the story of what happened to her in a now-viral Facebook post.

“I got punched coming off a field last night,” Moore wrote. “There is no excuse for this.”

The coach had asked the “Mother of the Year,” Kiara Thomas, 32, to leave because of her swearing. Thomas then allegedly waited for Moore in the parking lot, confronted and ambushed her, and then took off.

The authorities quickly caught up with her, and Thomas has been charged with simple assault.


Woman arrested after umpire is punched at 12-year-old softball game in Laurel

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