December 17, 2021

Manchin Loses It on Reporters: ‘You’re Bulls—t’

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.VA.) unloaded on reporters amid questions about his misgivings with President Joe Biden’s massive social spending bill.

A reporter for HuffPost Politics, Arthur Delaney, said Manchin yelled at him in response to a question he asked the lawmaker regarding a recent report that he wants to drop the child tax credit.

“I’m not negotiating with any of you,” Manchin said, raising his voice. “Guys, let me go. This is bulls—t. You’re bulls—t.”

Outlets including CNN and The Washington Post previously reported that talks between Manchin and Biden have soured because Manchin wants to cut the popular child tax credit program out of the bill.

Manchin denied the report, saying the media is hearing “a lot of bad rumors.”

“I’m not opposed to the child tax credit, I’ve never been opposed to the child tax credit,” Manchin said.

He reportedly grumbled “God almighty” as he walked away from the HuffPost reporter.


Huffington Post reporter says Manchin called him ‘bulls—‘ during tense Build Back Better exchange

6 comments on Manchin Loses It on Reporters: ‘You’re Bulls—t’

  1. Gerald Ladd says:

    Reporters suck. Trump knew it, now Joe does.

  2. William L Redd says:

    I believe the word he used was “Your” not “You’re”, referring to Delaney and the other news organizations creating this fake narrative.

  3. Ken Mclay says:

    This is Biden Administration leaking this crap to try and push Manchin to just agree to the crap he doesn’t agree with, that public probably doesn’t agree with either. They really don’t want public to know the crap that is in there that Joe Manchin wants out.

  4. Ken Mclay says:

    This is most likely the Biden Administration leaking crap about Joe Manchin trying to paint him in this bad light so he’ll cave. I suspect he has more character than that and more than the entire Biden Administration, which is why they don’t understand why this won’t work.

  5. Bob dimesky says:

    The communist strategy is to admonish and lie about people to get voters to believe they are not really who they are! Say it loudly enough and over a long period of time and lies become truths to predisposed believers! If you are predisposed Demorat, you’ll believe anything the Party says, it is taken without research to certify it’s trustworthiness…..this is how dems have operated since the 60’s…..bold and blatent lies are behind their power! Get someone to believe their own bulllshit, and you are off to the races, nobody can change a stupid believer’s mind, they prey on undereducated and educated idologues who cannot be dissuaded from that which has no merit or substance whatsoever……look at the public educational system in the USA these days, the dumb down theory has taken place….make them dumber and dumber and you have control of them…teachers have been dumbed down and taken over by the ideology also, they are slaves to the money that they extract by unions from taxpayers….this is the situation, it is real, it is scarey and it is diminishing our country…..

  6. Jonah miller says:

    Joe Manchin has concluded that the bill is something that he can’t support, that should be enough, but now they are trying to shame him into going against better judgment, Joe. Sir, it’s about time for you to cross the isle, and leave that party.

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