November 14, 2021

Leaked audio reveals Trump defended calls to ‘hang Mike Pence’

Former President Donald Trump defended the Jan. 6 rioters who called for then-Vice President Pence to be hanged, a newly released audio reveals.

The audio excerpt, released by ABC News correspondent Jonathan Karl, is from a 90-minute interview Karl conducted with Trump in March of this year.

“Were you worried about him during that siege? Were you worried about his safety?” Karl asks Trump in the clip.

“No, I thought he was well-protected, and I had heard that he was in good shape. No. Because I had heard he was in very good shape. But, but, no, I think…” Trump says before Karl interjects.

“Because you heard those chants — that was terrible. I mean—” Karl says.

“He could have — well, the people were very angry,” Trump says.

“They were saying ‘hang Mike Pence,’” Karl says.

“Because it’s common sense, Jon,” Trump says. “It’s common sense that you’re supposed to protect. How can you — if you know a vote is fraudulent, right? — how can you pass on a fraudulent vote to Congress?”

Karl said that additional excerpts from his interview would be reported during Sunday’s This Week on ABC.


Trump defended rioters who threatened to ‘hang Mike Pence’, audio reveals

3 comments on Leaked audio reveals Trump defended calls to ‘hang Mike Pence’

  1. Sonja Moreau says:

    Mike Pence was a traitor to the United States of America. He should of done the right thing by sending the one vote per state back to the House of Representatives. Because we all know prior to the House session, he gave Pelosi a signed letter saying he would not change the outcome. In the United States, treason is punishable by death. In 11 months time, this country is being dragged through the mud in front of the world, and had Pence had the backbone to do what he should of we wouldn’t be going through this as a nation. He promised Georgia he’d do the right thing and lied. Mike Pence’s political future is over. MAGA supporters will never forget what he did.

    1. Tom says:

      Pence did the right thing. So what, big deal. There are twice as many independent voters as maga voters! Thank you Mike Pence for standing up to the tyrant Trump. Pence’s future may not be as over as maga people think. I do not hear any independents complaining about Pence’s adherence to the Constitution but I do hear many of them saying “Never A Trump Again, NATA!!

      1. Linde says:

        To Tom- Critical thinking went the way of the “Dodo bird” from most politicians in Washington DC after the Presidential election in 2020 because it did not fit their narrative. They want to be protected by “The Swamp”. ???? I always had a good feeling about Mike Pence until he turned on Trump. I still pray for him, but I do not donate to The Heritage Foundation because they gave him a job this year. I do not donate a cent to the RNC, the NRSC, nor the NRCC. They support ReFLUBicans in my opinion, and I cannot support any RINO or phony Republican. We need more Republicans like Josh Hawley and Louis Gohmert, ???? not Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger. ???? Thanks for reading my comments. Nov. 14, 2021 at 4:08 pm EST.

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