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January 1, Hundreds of Afghanistan evacuees leaving US military bases before resettlement



The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) confirmed that hundreds of evacuees from Afghanistan are leaving US military bases before completing the resettlement process.

Reuters found over 700 “independent departures” among Afghan evacuees since they arrived in the US following a tumultuous withdrawal from the country. The report said that officials do not have the authority to keep them against their will, and they’re not breaking any laws by leaving the bases.

“Other individuals who have departed the safe Havens generally had ties to the United States, such as family members or friends, and resources to support themselves as they settled into a new communities,” a DHS spokesperson said.

However, those who left early could be in jeopardy over necessities like expedited work permits.

“It’s a giant can of worms,” a Citizenship and Immigration Services official said. “This could lead to years and years of terrible immigration status problems.”


DHS: Hundreds of Afghan evacuees are leaving military bases in the US without completing resettlement

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