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January 1, Feds Raid Epstein’s Private Island



Good morning Middle Americans. Federal agents swarmed Jeffrey Epstein’s private Island. According to NBC News, “a law enforcement source said the search of Epstein’s home and private island in the U.S. Virgin islands was suggested years ago, but evidently went nowhere.” Let that sink in.  We also have more on the investigation into Epstein’s suicide. Plus, a firefighter from a small Pennsylvania town, lost three of his kids during an overnight fire at a daycare center.  And health insurance coverage is declining among middle class Americans who don’t receive federal subsidies to help offset the costs. Read about the real impact it’s having on the nation. 

 – Fraser Dixon. 

Federal Focus Shifts to Possible Epstein Conspirators

(CNN) – “Let me assure you that this case will continue on against anyone who was complicit,” Barr said at a law enforcement conference in New Orleans. “The victims deserve justice, and they will get it.”

CNN has more on Attorney General William Barr’s news conference. 

Firefighter Was Dad to 3 of 5 Kids Killed in Day Care Blaze

(AP) – Three of five children killed in a fire at a home child care center in Pennsylvania were the children of a volunteer firefighter who was out another call, the Associated Press reported.

Without Subsidies, Middle Class Struggles Under Obamacare 

(The Hill) – Health insurance enrollment for people who cannot receive financial help under the Affordable Care Act declined as premiums rose, making coverage less affordable. 

Kaiser Family Foundation healthcare policy expert Larry Levitt tweeted “As premiums have risen recently, middle-class people have taken it on the chin.”

Read more about Obamacare from the Hill here

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